Assassin’s Creed “The Movie”

Ubisoft’s last Assassin’s Creed title “Syndicate”was a massive disappointment as gamers complained about the same monotonous story lines, dynamics and gameplay. 2015 may have been disappointing, but Ubisofthave something special lined up for the 2016 holiday season, check it out:

The trailer depicts the storyline for Assassin’s Creed 2, with acting powerhouse Michael Fassbenderportraying Callum Lynch, a distant descendant of Aguilar from the game. Fassbender’s character explores the memories of his ancestor,gaining the power and skills of a Master Assassin also learning that he belongs to a long linage of assassins.
The movie also stars Greekheartthrob Ariane Labedasasskicking assassin Maria, you might recognize her from here:

The epic cast will also include legend Jeremy Irons, icon Brendon Gleeson, Michael Kenneth Williams and Marion Cotillard. Scheduled for release on the 21st of December in USA, the first trailer has sent electric bolts of excitement through the massive cult following of the gaming franchise.

There is however huge debate over the very reckless selection of soundtrack from the company and although a Kanye West song (not that his songs are legendary anyway)it was a poor selection from the creators. Let’s check out “I am a God” by Kanye West for ourselves: After listening to this, I have one thing to say … this is such a crap soundtrack.They could have used anything from Katy Perry toHanna Montana,but, they chose an ear bleeding rap song to portray the life of an assassin … in the 15th century during the renaissance! And, the crazy thing is, people agree with me:

This one made a laugh:

In a Nutshell
We really enjoyed the trailer, maybe not the soundtrack too much, but what a brilliant first look at cast it really is. Since most of the movie will be CGI, we will expect everything Hollywood has to offer.

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