Bellezza In Italia

If a country could be said to possess everything, it is Italy. It is arguably the best place to visit as a whole –each location in Italy is as great as the one before. This country has amazing food, a breathtaking countryside, topnotch wine, cultural and one of the most intriguing histories of any nation. It has no shortage of legendary people, Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Dante, Christopher Columbus all hailed from Italia. No matter how many times you visit Italy, you’ll fall in love with it each time.It’s suggested to take a month to travel through this amazing piece of Earth. Here is a brief list of things to do and places to visit.

Bellezza In Italia

Explore Venice: If there was one city on the Earth you could visit, make that Venice. This mysterious city is famous worldwide. It has a great history which you should look up by visiting numerous historical sites. Try to make it in time for the Venice Carnival, 10 days and nights of masquerade madness in February. It’s a tradition going back centuries. Besides this, just take your time exploring its streets, Canals, riding a gondola and the amazing food.

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Wander Pompeii: This ancient city was destroyed by a volanco and preserved by a blanket of ash. Walk around it, exploring the homes and businesses as they stood in that time. Take a day out to fully immerse yourself in discovering this ancient wonder.

When in Rome: Just relax. It is one of the best cities in the world replete with amazing structures and history. It has so much to it that you’ll need several days to even scratch its surface. We’ll leave it for you to explore; just make sure you do not miss the Colosseum, the Pantheon and the Sistine Chapel.

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See Siena: One of the best preserved medieval cities in Italy, it is a treat to explore. Try the labyrinth of lanes around the Piazza dl Campo.

The Cinque Terre: It compromises of 5 villages on Italy’s west coast, the backdrop being mountains and vineyards.What more do you need. It’s so beautiful you’ll never want to leave.

Tuscany: If you wish to seek peace and serenity, spend some time in a village amidst the hills of Tuscany.

Florence: There’s little need to explain why you have to see Florence. Everything you have heard about it is true; the food, excellent museums, ancient buildings, bustling quaint streets and awesome gelato.

Eat in Sicily: The food of Sicily is perhaps the best in Italy, it’s also infamous for its mafia. But that shouldn’t stop you from visiting this wonderful place. Amazing coastal beaches and supreme wines.

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The Seat of the Pope: Visit the smallest country in the world and the holy seat of the leader of Christendom. The Vatican has amazing architecture and enough grandeur in its collections to keep you occupied for a while.

Travel to Italy and visit the magnificence it has to offer.

Nikhil S