Best Seafood Options For A Wedding

As if you don’t have enough on your plate already when planning a wedding, from the wedding and reception venues to the bride’s and groom’s suit and your wedding party’s outfit, you have to make sure that your guests will be also be satisfied. You have to ensure that your guests enjoy the food as much as they love the festivities on your wedding day.

If you are looking for something unique aside from the usual pork, beef and chicken entree, you can add some seafood options in your menu. Here are some seafood options you can add from cocktail hour to the main course of your wedding reception.

  • Cocktail Hour

Some may say that the cocktail hour is the best part of the reception. The cocktail hour is the prelude to a great wedding reception. It sets the tone for the reception. Your guests can mingle with other guests, which can make for great reception photos. Here are some appetizers you can serve during cocktail hour.

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Fresh Oysters on Ice / Oyster Bar

         Oysters are a favorite. Ask your caterer to set up an Oyster Bar with shucked oysters and lemon slices, with bowls of mignonette sauce. Make sure to hire a caterer who has experience in preparing fresh oysters properly.

Bacon Wrapped Scallops

         Bacon Wrapped Scallops are definitely a crowd favorite. It has bacon and scallops, which appeal to both pork and seafood lovers alike.

Sushi Spread

         Leave a great impression with your guests with an amazing sushi spread. Like with the oysters, be sure to hire a caterer who is experienced with making sushi. You can never be too careful in serving raw food to your guests.

  • Main Entree

After the cocktail hour where drinks, tasty appetizers and friendly chitchats are served, comes the “main event” of the wedding reception. The main menu of the reception should be able to leave your guests satisfied and but also wanting more. Here are some delicious seafood recipes you can ask your caterer to add to your main menu.

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Fresh Seafood Paella

         What makes Paella perfect is that it goes well with wine, which will surely abound in your reception. Paella is not only deliciously filling, but it is also visually appealing. You can have a station where a chef cooks the paella to ensure that your guests get only a hot and delicious serving every time.

Lobster Buffet

         Not all your guests may be able to eat lobster (or seafood, for that matter) all the time, so give them the gift of luxury with a lobster buffet. Your guests will be left with a satisfied palate and tummy.

Find the best wedding caterer in your area

When it comes to menu preparation, variety is key to be able to cater to all (or almost all) of your guests’ tastes. Add some seafood options so that your menu won’t be dull and boring. You may also have some guests who are not so keen on pork; seafood is a good alternative, in addition to the usual chicken and beef. The food you serve will be one of the things your guests will always remember about your wedding day. Hire a reputable wedding caterer who will make sure that the food you serve on your big day are delicious and will leave your guests wanting more.

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