Common Carpet Cleaning And Maintenance Methods

Professional cleaning becomes imperative after several months or years of buildup of dirts and dirt particles alike. It is involves extensive cleaning of carpet in order to completely get rid of stains, dust, dirt and buildup. Cleaning expert employ several techniques for professional cleaning. Dry cleaning and steam cleaning are most common and effective of all. A cleaner decides which of the two methods is suitable for a job depending on type of carpet involved and the level of grime. It is not uncommon for a professional to recommend steam cleaning for the fact that it is more effective.

Common Carpet Cleaning And Maintenance Methods

Steam cleaning

Professional steam cleaning procedure is performed by an expert to thoroughly remove from carpet surface and fiber. When the procedure is being performed, a high pressure steam boiler is used to heat water mixed with cleaning solvents, compounds or chemicals. After that, the water is applied to the floor to kill bacteria and fungi and break accumulated dirt in form of lumps. It also washes stains of the surface of the carpet. For different carpet types, different types of solvent or detergents are used. For a wool carpet acid is most effective whereas alkaline will do a synthetic carpet type. The heated water is used to activate the cleaning compounds on carpet fiber.

The expert waits for a few minutes within which the water solution completely absorbs dirt. After that, extensive vacuuming is performed to get rid of the dirty water. Some cleaning service providers use the truck mounting system of steam cleaning which involves running holes from a truck on which a tank is mounted to the carpet surface. The dirty water sucked up by the vacuum is collected through the holes into the tank.

Professional steaming cleaning dries up pretty quickly for the fact that the vacuuming aspect is effective. The fact that the water is collected into a tank also help to prevent water pollution which poses threat to occupant general wellbeing. Steaming cleaning is a an eco-friendly and greener carpet cleaning technique.

Is it safe

Some people would think that the idea of using chemicals as solvents for cleaning carpet is a not safe or would impact badly on occupant’s wellbeing. For effective cleaning that will kill bacteria and fungi and completely remove dirt and dust, a substantial amount chemical has to be used. Only heated water is not enough for professional cleaning. Hence, steam cleaning is done with chemical compounds which are activated on carpet fiber with heated water.

This procedure is quie safe and eco-friendly for the fact that the type of chemicals used aren’t harmful. Moreso, a moderate amount of chemical is applied professionally for safety. Mild and non-toxic substances are used in homes for a sick person. In homes where a person is allergic to chemicals and perfumes, hypo-allergenic substances are used. This way, maximum safety is ensured. All in all, the water extraction process of steam cleaning is enough to completely get rid of the chemical or commercial carpet cleaning solutions.

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