Taking Advantage Of Your Weight Lifting Straps

To experience the true beauty of weightlifting and building, it makes great sense to use straps for workout exercises. It is a great item for people who are involved in workout of the day (WOD) crossfit exercises. It paves the way for you to stretch your limit and hold out much longer than you would without it so as to successfully completely a fitness routine. Moreso, if you find yourself loosing your grip when performing heavy weight lifting or pull-ups, consider using a strap.

Taking Advantage Of Your Weight Lifting Straps

Knowing when to use a strap

Use a strap for the right occasion: as good as a strap is bodybuilding exercises, it is not meant to be used for all kinds of exercises. Use the item for the right exercises. If you want to build your strength and muscles for athleticism and performance, use a strap to help you go on for as long as would require for to complete a routine that will help reach that goal. With a strap you can, you can accomplish more than with your natural strength and grip. A strap comes in handy for exercises such as Shrugs, pull-ups and rack pull-ups, Deadlifts, barbell rows and Dumbbell and the Romanian deadlifts. These are all high intensity exercises that require strength and strong grip.

Never a strap for the wrong occasion: Before we get down to the brass track, you might want to know that power lifting competitions forbid the use of lifting straps. Hence, when preparing for such events, a strap would be that drop-it-and-leave-alone item. To become a powerlifter, you have to work on your natural grip- that is to say, strap is not good for you if you are training to become a professional lifter.

In the event that you are performing a routine that doesn’t require a strap, but you have to use it because your natural grip is not strong enough, do some rounds with your natural grip.

Adding to that, straps only come in handy when you are performing a routine and your weight is holding you back, thus making you to lose balance. Other than using lifting straps is as useless as the G letter in lasagna. They are not ideal for bench exercises and aerobic activities.

Choose a suitable strap for an exercise or routine: lifting straps come in different forms. They are made of leather, nylon and heavy cotton. They are all equal but some are more equal than others. The fact that different straps are made of different materials makes each material offer unique benefits. If you have to use straps, choose the ones that are suitable for the exercise you want do with them. For more Free Shipping on SBD products.

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