Deep Cleaning Your Home

At least twice a year it is good to focus on really deep cleaning the inside of your home. While we clean continually and are always picking up our home, there are places in our home that are not being cleaned often enough and they are dangerous for our families. We have some great tips and ideas of things that you should put on your deep cleaning list and not forget about.

Deep Cleaning Your Home

Underneath the Fridge

Think back to how many things you drop on your kitchen floors each week? The number is probably relatively high. When you are making dinner it is common for things to make their way onto the floor. Now think about how many times you sweep the items up, or how many times they make their way and tuck themselves underneath of your cabinets? I know for myself when I sweep under the lips of my cabinets I always find stuff!

If these items are finding their way underneath the edges of our cabinets, think about how often they are also making their way under our fridges. I was visiting with an employee of a Jackson pest control company one day about mice and he mentioned that mice love to find dark, cool places where there is food. I immediately thought of underneath of my fridge. I am positive that food gets pushed underneath of the fridge at least weekly and I know I never pull it out and clean the food out. The bottom of your fridge is a great place for mice to make their home. Pull out your fridge and sweep under it!

Behind the Toilet

If you live in a home with girls, you know just how much hair can accumulate on the bathroom floor. While you probably sweep the bathroom floor on a regular basis, how long has it been since you really cleaned well back behind the toilet? Hair and many other gross things make their way to the backside of the toilet where they are very safe from the broom. Take a second and look behind the toilet, you are probably going to be totally freaked out that it’s as dirty as it is. Put the toilet on your deep cleaning list right now!

The Walls

Do you burn candles in your home regularly? Candles are great and they can really make your home feel warm and cozy. If you are burning candles in your home you are also blowing out these candles daily. When you blow out the candle, you are going to have black smoke for a minute. Depending on where you burn candles, you should wipe down the walls around them once in a while. You will be shocked to see how many black residue is sticking to your walls from the smoke of the candle. This should be scrubbed off your walls in order to keep them fresh and clean… and not black.

Having a clean home is totally doable. In fact, most people are good homemakers. However, there are items that every good homemaker is missing. Don’t forget to do your research and remember to clean the places that you probably haven’t even thought about yet.

Dessie H