Effects of Taking Care of Your Employees with Speyer

Demonstrating your appreciation for the individuals around you, especially in a work environment, is essential to the success of your relationships with them. Therefore in a workplace, employees and management should have an open communication relationship. A healthy relationship will encourage them to thrive personally and professionally. As a result, they will represent your business with pride while becoming a better person themselves. Similar to Speyer’s relationship with their building tenants and employees, the company has realized that investing in their people will boost employee engagement. Moreover, motivated employees are a company’s top competitive advantage. Key changes that Speyer has recognized in Rockefeller building employees behavior include:

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  • Increase in interaction between colleagues and tenant companies
  • Increase in positive attitudes in the workplace
  • Increase in employee satisfaction

With that, they have recognized a decrease number of employees arriving late and leaving early. The wellness of Speyer’s employees and tenant employees is their priority. It is important that their employees are mentally, emotionally, and physically balanced. That balance will contribute to their acceleration and success in the Rockefeller Center and the employees’ professional careers.

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Treating employees well is among one of the most important factors related to company success. For that reason, Speyer is one of the companies with the highest employee satisfaction. High employee satisfaction means that employees with work harder and better for you. Thus, why not reward them for their hard work? This is a mentality and work ethic that Speyer has been trying to spread to other companies to improve the workforce as a whole.

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