Have Meaningful Dreams? DNA Might Let Us See Our Ancestor’s Memories

Recently, a study was done on dreams as they were recorded by scaring dreams. These are called ‘rich’ dreams because they are more detailed and can provide insights into individuals’ personalities or memories. For instance, the study found that if someone experiences a frightening dream about being chased by a wolf, the dreamer is likely feeling anxious about their social skills. With that being said, let’s find out what our dreams really mean.

Have Meaningful Dreams? DNA Might Let Us See Our Ancestor's Memories

Genetic Memory

Cells that make up our body are constantly replacing themselves, so it was long thought that there is no way to understand our past genetic information.

Each of us carries our ancestors’ memories and the potential for emotional attachment to the places or things that belonged to them. Some scientists believe that through the passing down of genetic memory, we can recall details from previous generations, which is done through dreams.

So What’s the Science Behind Genetic Memory?

A new study published in the journal Public Library of Science indicates that our DNA can mediate the transfer of information from generation to generation.

The researchers found that we can pass on memories to our children through our experiences and the things we come into contact with. This transformation of knowledge is done through a process called gene imprinting.

When it comes to this topic, the study suggests that DNA can recognize which of the many genes in its makeup are used as they stream out during cell division and changes them accordingly. Skin DNA Testing kits have been developed just to test for this memory effect on humans, and there is also a DNA chip that can be used, but the researchers say that there are still many steps to take before this technique can be fully utilized.

Have You Ever Had a Genetic Memory Dream?

According to Nature Communications, having genetic memories can be a very real possibility for some dreamers. The study found that dreaming is connected with DNA and the memories we inherit from our ancestors. The main focus of the research was to find out more about our dreams, how they are created, and if genetic memory does exist.

It sounds ridiculous to think that a dream can carry other memories from our ancestors, but the study showed that dreams have varying levels of consciousness. It is called the ‘spectrum’ theory of dreaming, and it discusses how we are all capable of remembering dreams about our lives, even if we don’t remember the dreams themselves.


Genetic dreams can allow people to see their ancestors and relive moments in time. Along with this, it can allow individuals to get a better sense of who they are and where they come from. It’s possible that these dreams can carry genetic memories, but much more research needs to be done to fully understand genetic memory and what it can do for us.