How Safe Is Vinyl Siding For Homes? Find Out What This Little Rock Contractor Has To Say

Vinyl siding made their debut in the late 1950s and early 1960s and used for siding in Little Rock. At that time aluminum was the most preferred and used siding material. Vinyl earned a bad name in those days as it used to sag and was prone to crack. But with the growth of technology and latest manufacturing techniques vinyl siding has become versatile and is most suitable for siding. Over 32 percent of all new construction prefer to use vinyl sidings.

Why is vinyl siding becoming so popular? Let us see the reasons behind vinyl siding gaining popularity

How Safe Is Vinyl Siding For Homes? Find Out What This Little Rock Contractor Has To Say


Vinyl siding is the preferred choice for its cost-effectiveness. It costs only about one-third of what a wooden siding would cost for installing. For example, if an area of 1250 sq feet needs to be covered, the wooden siding would cost anywhere from $6500 to $10,000. If the same is done with vinyl siding the cost would be in the range of $2500 to $8750. It reduces the cost of siding significantly.

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Vinyl is now available in hundreds of colors, different textures ranging from the smooth surface to a rough cedar plank look, and various profiles offering a great choice for designing to suit your taste and requirement. It is easy to replace vinyl siding with the authentic look of wood and wood patterns. You can find the suitable vinyl for every profile and all types of houses


Vinyl is extremely durable and can withstand the rough weather like hail storm or heavy winds. It does absorb a lot of moisture thus will not rot like wood and most suitable for wet regions. Some vinyl siding little rock come with lifetime warranty. Vinyl is prorated to last around 50 years after installation.

4.Maintenance free

Vinyl siding needs the most minimal maintenance after installation. Due to its toughness, it does not deteriorate easily. Termite infestation never occurs unlike wood and hence no insect treatment is needed. It does not rot in moisture like wood. It even does not require periodical re-painting like wood. Washing it with detergent once a year will keep it bright and look new.

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5.Reduction in heating and cooling costs

Most homes have insulation between the wall studs. These studs dissipate heat at points where they come in contact with exterior siding. In the same way, they absorb heat during summer increasing the temperature o the inner surface. Vinyl sidings come with insulated sheets that cover the studs with an insulated sheet. This effectively minimizes the heat transfer both from inside to outside and vice versa resulting in reduced costs of heating or cooling your home. By installing insulated vinyl siding you could be eligible for energy tax credits which makes it even more economical to install.


Vinyl siding little rock is the ideal material for all your siding requirements. It is extremely versatile with a wide range of choice. It is suitable for all kinds of weather and does not deteriorate in rough weather conditions. It also comes with insulation which can save you heating and cooling energy bills and help you become eligible for energy tax credits.

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