How To Handle Dry Eye While Running

Running can be a great way to work out your body and release tension in the mind. However, dealing with dry eyes can make it difficult to see where you’re going and may have you avoiding running altogether. Here are some tips for handling dry eyes so you can get back to enjoying your run.

How To Handle Dry Eye While Running

Use MoistureSeal Contact Lenses

One of the best ways to handle dry eyes is to use the right contact lenses. There are contact lenses specifically designed to hold in moisture. These are typically called moistureseal contact lenses. They ensure that no matter how hard you train, your eyes have moisture in them throughout your entire workout.

Use Sun Protection

Protecting your eyes from the sun is a must to ensure that you don’t lose any of your visual acuity. Squinting from the sun and its rays can mess with your vision. By using sunglasses, you can help to prevent your eyes from distortion due to the sun. When your eyes are in direct contact with the sun’s rays, it can lead to dry eyes. Therefore, sunglasses are a great prevention measure.

Use A Dry Eye Serum

When it comes to handling dry eye, there are various clinical dry eye treatment options. A professional can apply or prescribe a lubricating serum that can be applied to the eyes directly. These come in eye-dropper tubes and are usually available at your local store or ophthalmologist’s office. You’ll apply multiple drops to both eyes to rehydrate them. Many will work for between 8 and 12 hours after individual application into the eyes.

Clean Both of Your Eyelids

Dry eye can cause a number of visual distortions such like blurred vision. It can even cause physical symptoms such as itching. It’s best to clean the eyelids before you head out for your run. This will eliminate unwanted bacteria on the eyelids that can cause a loss of natural tears in your tear ducts. You can utilize a mild soap or even baby shampoo to cleanse your eyelids before you hit the road.

Sometimes dry eyes can just get in the way of your run, and ignoring it can cause problems. This can make it feel impossible to just enjoy having some time to yourself. However, with the proper prevention steps and treatments, you can successfully work to eliminate your dry eyes. Before you know it, you’ll be back to enjoying your daily run without any vision problems.