How to Maintain a Window AC Unit

As temperatures rise outdoors each summer, you start to appreciate the air conditioning in your home even more. If your rooms are kept cool by window AC units, it’s easy to take for granted that they will work properly each time you hit the ‘On’ button. However, you can help keep your unit working well and pumping out icy cold air with these easy maintenance tips.

Safety First

Before you learn how to properly maintain your unit, it’s important to take a moment to discuss safety. Remember that a window AC unit is an electrical appliance, so it needs to be handled with care. Always completely unplug your unit from its power source before you start opening panels or performing any maintenance tasks.

Change Filters Regularly

It sounds simple, but changing your filters is vital to keep your unit running efficiently. Each system is different, so check your manual to see the recommended replacement schedule. If your system contains reusable filters, take them out and gently wash them at least once per month.

Make Timely Repairs

In order to keep your unit running efficiently for as long as possible, it’s vital to take care of small issues before they turn into major, more costly problems. Visually inspect your system on a regular basis, and look for signs of mold, mildew, loose wires, or excessive wear. It’s also very helpful to utilize the services of a quality air conditioning contractor. Whether your system is making a funny noise, not blowing as cold as it used to, or you are dealing with another problem, contacting service personnel for a timely repair can keep the problem from getting worse.

Care for Your Coils

At least once a year, it’s also a good idea to take a good look at your coils inside and at the rear of your unit. If your filters are not changed often enough, dust and dirt can accumulate on the coils, which makes them work less efficiently. If you notice this type of buildup on your coils, you can clean them after unplugging the unit. To clean them quickly, simply put the brush attachment onto your vacuum cleaner, and gently vacuum the coils. If this still doesn’t help your machine run more efficiently, give the professionals a call.

By properly maintaining your window AC unit, you can enjoy a cool, comfortable temperature in your home without wasting unnecessary energy.