How to Secure Your Home While You Are Away

Whether you are leaving your home for a few hours or plan to be away for a more extended period, you’ll want to make sure that your home stays safe and secure while you’re gone. If you put some extra effort into making your home more secure, you may prevent a burglary or other problems that could occur when you’re not there to look after your premises. In addition to using an alarm system and surveillance cameras to monitor your premises, here are a few other ways to secure your home while you’re away.

How to Secure Your Home While You Are Away

Make Your Home Look Like Someone’s Home

You can fool burglars and vandals into believing that someone is home by doing things to make your premises look occupied. Automatic timers and sensors on outdoor lights can frighten away someone who tries to come onto your property. If you don’t have a dog, you can pretend you do by putting a doghouse in your yard or installing a doorbell that emits barking dog sounds each time someone rings it. You can also try leaving a TV or radio on if you’re only going to be gone a short time.

Secure Doors and Windows

Home intruders usually try to enter homes through unlocked doors or windows first, and having sturdy locks in place that are difficult to break can help make your home inaccessible. You can choose from different classic deadbolt door locks or locks that have keypads or touchscreen keyless entry features. Installing special coverings, like those from Guardian Security Screens, or other panels or barriers can give your windows and doors additional reinforcement.

Leave a Vehicle Parked in Your Driveway

If possible, you should leave at least one vehicle parked in your driveway while you’re gone. Criminals may try to park their vehicles in your driveway to have easier access to your home, and a vehicle that’s left in your driveway can block their entry. A vehicle in your driveway can also make your home look occupied. If you’re traveling out of town for vacation, you can either leave a vehicle parked in the driveway and use a transportation service to get to the airport or ask a trusted neighbor or friend to park a vehicle in your driveway until you return.

Remove Items from Yard That Can be Used for Climbing

Intruders may try to enter your home through upper unsecured windows and possibly even the chimney, and they may try to use certain items in your yard to reach the upper levels of your home. You should never leave a ladder sitting outside in your yard, and it’s also a good idea to bring in outdoor chairs and tables that can be stacked and used for climbing. You may even consider having lower tree branches next to your house trimmed so that intruders won’t try to climb them.

Install a Security System

Having a home security system is crucial in some places these days. Even if it is your own store-bought device, something to give you video access while you are away can be vital in saving you time, money, and stress while you are away from home.

Intruders will be more likely to pass on your home if you make your premises more difficult to access. The right security measures can stop thieves and vandals in their tracks and make you feel better about leaving your home.