Selin Sakarcan Offers Tips On Taking Care Of Arthritis Risks

Arthritis is a pretty common condition that causes pain, stiffness, decreased range of motion and stiffness in the joints.  Its symptoms can range from mild to severe, and can get worse over time.  Each foot has 33 joints, and there are many who face problems of arthritis in these joints. To make sure that their condition doesn’t get worse with time, one must visit a podiatrist like Selin Sakarcan at once if they observe any arthritis associated symptoms on their legs. A podiatrist can recommend physical therapy, drugs, or even special shoes or inserts to help with the condition. If none of these options provide adequate relief, the podiatrist might even suggest a surgery. 

Selin Sakarcan Offers Tips On Taking Care Of Arthritis Risks

If arthritis is left uncontrolled, then it can make it pretty difficult for a person to complete their daily tasks. In certain situations, joints might even become twisted and deformed due to this condition. Hence, people must try their best to reduce the risk of facing such a condition. Here are a few tips for it: 

  • Maintain a healthy weight: Being overweight can take a toll on the joints. People must try to maintain a healthy weight with the help of regular exercise and well-balanced diet. It is smart to avoid crash diets as they deprive the body of much needed nutrition. 
  • Protect the joints: Activities like sitting for too long at once place or lifting heavy weights can put stress on the joints, and hence should be avoided. People must try to prevent their joints from getting injured as much as possible as well. If someone has a sitting job, then it will be a good idea to take frequent breaks and go for short walks. Anyone who has experienced any injury in the past needs to take all the necessary precautions suggested by their doctor.
  • Exercise: Workouts are beneficial for the overall health of a person, particularly their joints.  This shall reduce the body weight of a person, which will invariably lower the stress faced by their joints. Exercise keeps the muscles around the joints moving. People must take out time to exercise for at least thirty minutes a day. 
  • Quit smoking: According to certain studies, smoking can increase the risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis. Hence, it is better to chose to leave smoking. 
  • Eat fish twice a week: Eating fish, especially salmon, trout and mackerel that are high in Omega-3s, can be quite advantageous.  Omega-3s includes a number of health benefits and can help in reducing inflammation.

While there is no cure as such for arthritis, medical assistance can be helpful in improving the quality of life of the patients. Podiatrists like Selin Sakarcan can create a proper treatment plan for managing this condition. She is a podiatric physician, foot and ankle surgeon, and medical resident. Selin was recently accepted to the Harvard Macy Institute for the 2020 Program for Postgraduate Trainees: Future Academic Clinician Educators.