Is Red Meat Safe For You or Not?

Red meat has been facing the heat from medical authorities and practitioners for a long time. When the last time you heard that red meat was was safe and healthy? Right. The answer is never. According to researchers, red meat is the primary cause of cancer, contributes to hypertension, is a prime factor in high cholesterol and can also lead to heart attacks. It is only a matter of time when the red meat would also blamed for poverty, terrorism, communal riots and global warming.

On a serious note, red meat has suffered a lot of defaming over the years and this needs to be rectified.

Is Red Meat Safe For You or Not?

Red meat is a micro nutrient rich food source which rich in protein and is highly nutritious. Fearing the consumption of red meat is not wise and it should be a part of a balanced nutritious diet along with other protein sources, vegetables, carbohydrates and healthy unsaturated fats. An important thing to remember is that red meat is usually consumed with other calorie and fat rich foods that contribute to the health ailments of an individual. It can be said that red meat is simply made the scapegoat. Here is a comprehensive list of those foods that are consumed along with red meat.

Foods Consumed With Red Meat

1. Sugar and Flour: Red meat is usually consumed with bread or buns which are big sources of simple sugars. Breads are made of refined flour and sugar, both of which are contributing factors to health problems like type 2 diabetes and hypertension.

2. Alcohol Consumption: Red meat is also consumed in association with alcohol which is an essential precursor to hypertension, cholesterol, heart issues, liver issues and kidney problems.

3. Fast Food and Processed Foods: Red meats like beef tenderloin, lamb or goat meat are a specialty associated with fast foods that include different types of breads, aerated drinks, sugary foods and processed foods. These types of food sources are highly injurious to your health and cause various health problems such as cancer, hypertension, liver toxicity and heart problems.

4. High Fat Content: Red meat is cooked in various ways, most of which are associated with deep fried food items. There is nothing new about the health deterioration of long term consumption of high fat foods. They not only affect your physical health but also make you look worse, which also contributes to the decline in your confidence and self esteem.

Conclusion to this is quite simple. Red meat has been the scape goat for health problems caused by other factors for a long time. What people do not try to understand is that moderation is the key to a healthy lifestyle. Nothing is good for your health if taken in large amounts over a long period of time. Red meat, like anything, has its downfalls but only when taken in unrealistic amounts that too over an extended period of time, along with other substances like alcohol, fried foods, processed foods and sugary items. Now that is just a death wish.

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