7 Pizza Flavours You Should Try On Your Next Food Trip

Whenever you hear the word pizza, doesn’t it just makes you excited to the point where all your pizza cravings start screaming out loud to you that you should have one immediately.

Pizza has been considered one of the most beloved food of americans.and why it will be not? Cheese is something that we all can die for right? Whenever it comes to pizza we follow wise man advice”joey” who doesn’t share food lol! Among hundreds of variety of pizza’s we always have one or two that are most common or the one we eat often. but why don’t we go for others that may open a new world of pizza’s to us.

It’s been so long since pizza has been first introduced to us still it doesn’t miss a single chance to surprise us. And left us wondering about how the hell something can be so addictive?  The world has been changed tremendously from the time it has been created. The pattern of food has changed significantly, every county has their own taste of food that they have on a regular basis but pizza is the only dish that is widely accepted and loved by every person on earth. The new amount of flavours originated by every country according to their taste. And finally due to globalisation and social media we get a opportunity to taste each other’s traditional flavours.

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7 Pizza Flavours You Should Try On Your Next Food Trip

so,Let’s take a look at some amazing pizza flavours that you should try on your next food trip:

1.Macaroni and Cheese Pizza

What could be better to gorge on when you got a chance to have both of these appetising flavors together in one. You have a option to choose the type of macaroni you want in your pizza. That is something cool huh?

2.Buffalo Chicken Pizza Sticks

This actually differentiate the way we see the pizza. the whole thing will be served in a breadsticks manner with the topping of buffalo chicken.

3. Spaghetti & Meatball Pizza

This is a good fusion of both the dishes. Who doesn’t like spaghetti with meatball and especially when it is served with pizza base. Most of you maybe in doubt about how it will taste like but a try would not make you less pizza lover.

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4.Chicken Alfredo Pizza

I expect most of you have already tried this and in it already made it to the list of some. But i can’t complete this list without mentioning this one. One of the best pizza hayward among the list and an absolute pleasure to taste bud no doubt.

5.Scrambled Egg Pizza

This is strictly belongs to those who are working out late in gym and feeling incomplete without it already in life. Scrambled egg pizza is a breakfast dish for all the fitness freak in the house. You can even use whole wheat base if you are very much concern to cheat your diet for even one day.

6.Loaded Baked Potato Pizza

Vegetarians are always filled with complains about that they don’t have much of food options when it comes to eating fast food specially. Loaded baked potato is something new to try for you and finally opens more options for veggie out there.

7.Cookie Dough Pizza

This specially left to earth by jesus for those who are pizza addicts. i ‘am not going to suggest cookie dough pizza to occasional pizza eaters because they may not prefer dessert pizza over “cheese cakes”. but I insist cookie one to all pizza freaks who wants pizza whole day 12 months a year.

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America is known to be the hub of pizza’s and i’am sure most of these pizza flavours will be easily available there for you. But still there are places which has specialization in pizza’s. you can try on places like san mateo and brooklyn.

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