Know When To Burst That Pimples: How To Do It Wisely

If you are one of those folks who don’t buy in the ideas of always bursting those pimples on your face, you are not alone of course. Most facial disfiguration cases that make victims look like masquerades and scare away other folks result from pinching out those pimples. Persistent irritation and non-healing scarring are also some of the damages which it does to the skin. There is this instinct to burst it- considering the fact that you didn’t invite it in the first place and it’s just got to get in your way to make your encounter with other folks miserable. To get rid of a popping little tiny bump, something’s gotta give- more pimples will surface; irritation and reddening will become more tensed.

A pimple is like a container of bacteria. When you burst one, you definitely paves the way for it to spread causing more infection or worsening a condition. Some sort of fluid liquid tissue comes out the skin from which a pimple is removed. Any of contact of the tissue with your skin pores will definitely result in more blotches as more bacteria are spread through the pores. What about the pinching. That is does it damages too- new bacteria from your hands and finger may get into your skin.

Know When To Burst That Pimples: How To Do It Wisely

Safely popping a pimples

The bottom line here is that bursting them off your face is not a bad idea if you do it right or don’t over do it. That begs a question: how do you pop a pimple safely off your face? Michael Steppie of Associate in Dermatology, a reputable dermatologist with continuous record of successful treatment of various skin disorders outlined safe tips for popping a pimple and the tips are given below:

The extraction process

This is the method used by aestheticians to safely get rid of a pimple. The materials need for the process are

  • Two hand gloves
  • A sterilized needle with very sharp tip
  • A comedone


  • Where the hand gloves and make sure they are tightly fitted to your hand
  • Punch the tip of of the pimple with the needle carefully
  • Use the comedone extractor to the blotches
  • Use methylated spirit plus cotton wool to treat the site to prevent the risk of further infection

Be that as it may, extraction is just a temporary solution employed by dermatologist and individuals to remove blemishes. For effective long lasting result, patients are advised to go for advanced acne therapy. Extraction is only used to treat severe cases of big pimples that wouldn’t react to other treatments. In any case, your dermatologist will observe your condition to determine whether or not an extraction would do.

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