Learning the Ways Of A Southern Realtor

Is the deep South one of your favorite places to visit? What is it that you love about being there? Many people like to visit the South because of the way that the people who live there treat them. People are very friendly and so incredibly loyal. One way that you can really enjoy the people of the South is to be a real estate agent there. What better way to enjoy your time than to spend time with people who make you feel appreciated and happy? Start studying Alabama real estate exam prep resources because I think you have found a great fit for you!

Learning the Ways Of A Southern Realtor

There are some things that you need to learn if you are wanting to be successful in the South. The way you have to go about your business is very different than if you were selling homes in California. The atmosphere and environment are different and you have to make the changes necessary to fit in with the people. If you were raised in the South it will probably be easier for you, but if not, you have some learning to do.


First and foremost, nothing is going to make you stand out like a sore thumb quite like not using the right terminology in the South. We all know how important it is that you sound like the locals if you want to be trusted. Pay really close attention to the other realtors in your office. You should be able to pick up on quite a bit just by being aware.

You may also be able to learn quite a bit by doing some Googling about terms that people in the South use. While you may never sound quite the same as them, do your best to make yourself fit in for the sake of your career.

Learning the Ways Of A Southern Realtor


Your mother probably spent many years trying to instill in your really good manners. How well did you listen? If you were raised in the South you know all about manners. You would never talk to an elderly person the way that people in other states would. Titles are very important and you need to clue in on that very quickly.

While you probably don’t have bad manners, you are going to need to fine tune the way you showcase them to the people around you. You need to wear your manners on your sleeves and never let a conversation start without addressing the people you are speaking to properly. This is a big deal in everyday conversation, but an ever bigger deal if you are looking to sell real estate and homes to people. If you have an elderly client you need to be sure that you are treating them with extreme respect and not allowing anything to go without sincere manners.

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