Do I Need A Kick Ass Financial Advisor?

Quite often a good number of folks come begging the question, “do I need a kick ass financial advisor to manage my finances”? That is a one billion dollar which can be answered in several ways. Generally, one answer is arrived at- in quest to build strong finances and equity for the future, it makes sense to use professional hands- a financial advisor’s.

Do I Need A Kick Ass Financial Advisor?

A financial advisor or planner takes the current financial situation of a person into account to figure out ways in which an improvement can be made so as to have the person become financially comfortable now and in the future. In other words, they help manage investment and spending in order to improve a person’s financial well being.

However using a financial advisor in some instances is one of those drop it and leave it alone. That being said, one either becomes DIY’er (do it yourself) or consult financial experts other than financial advisor when faced with a situation in which financial planner doesn’t fit in. They are brought into play when:

Retirement is just around the corner

When approaching retirements, couple of years to beforehand, one has to be financially prepared for it or start preparing toward it. This is the stage when investment and spending strategies has to be adjusted in order to save enough for the future. For that, a financial advisor has to be brought into play to determine prudent investment and spending pattern that will help build enough capital against the retirement period.

Starting a family

Starting a family- that is tying the knot and procreating, comes with several financial hitches, ranging from merging the family finances to making financial preparation for the children upkeep and education.  This is the part where a financial planner is brought in to manage the situation. They help determine the effective means of managing the responsibilities. Also, they will determine the level of importance of all the financial processes involved in this situation and make a list of execution according to their importance. Much priority will be place on the primary aspects and the situation will be approached one baby step at a time until everything is balanced.

Individual earns big

Increased earnings paves the way for an individual to invest enough for the future. But investing equity in the right way that will help maximize finances might just be the big deal here. A financial planner can help make rational decisions as to how equity can be efficiently invested so that it will yield more wealth. They point an individual in the right direction in regards to cutting down uncle sam’s bills.

Here and there are bad raps about financial planners. Most are just fly-by-night folks or mere salespersons who lure their clients into dealing with a company from which they get some commissions. RIA certified financial planners are worth giving a shot for the fact that they maintain credible records. Start and finish strong- use a good financial planner.

Olivia Rs