Memorial Day Shooting: ValueMags

This morning, ValueMags employees heard a scary scene play out a couple of blocks down for their office. After a string of shootings over the weekend including this morning, one person is dead and twenty-four people are wounded. The single fatality was last night and a fifteen year old boy lost his life. The police have reported that the boy and a girl were in an alleyway known to Chicago gangs when an individual in a Sedan opened fire on the alley way when they saw two people in it. The girl, sixteen, was not severely injured. She was only grazed by a bullet. ValueMags employees are happy to see that the police force is patrolling the area and certain parts of the city heavily. As a result, ValueMags employees and surrounding company employees feel safer within their city.

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Memorial Day Shooting: ValueMags

Memorial Day is a national holiday to remember the fallen forces and thank the current American armed forces. As the 73rd anniversary of the D-Day landings approach, it is saddening to know that Chicago citizens are living in fear rather than taking the time to remember. The number of shootings over the Memorial Day weekend have decreased significantly from last year. Last year, nearly seventy people were shot and six were killed. Hopefully, this is a sign that individuals are spending their time better and are becoming more aware of their surroundings and their community neighbours.

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Some ValueMags employees are scared for their teenagers and kids safety in their own city now though. The police are asking teenagers and tweens to respect their parents’ curfews as well as the city’s. Additionally, do not wonder into parts of the city that they are not familiar with. Remain in family neighbourhoods and in places that they are familiar with. Also, know where the nearest police station is and the emergency services number. Among the many things that can happen, it is not likely. It is simply important to be cautious which is what ValueMags employees suggest at the least. For more information about what you can do to stay safe and keep your kids safe, contact ValueMags using the link provided above.

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