Must-have Gym Equipment For Those Who Work Out At Home

Life has become increasingly busy nowadays, and health and fitness are clearly taking a backseat. But if you convert that spare bedroom into a home gym, you’re all set to embark on the path to fitness, come what may. All you need is some equipment that will ensure your workout doesn’t suffer – and, well, some motivation.


Dumbbells are the most obvious item one needs in their gym. Far too many exercises involve dumbbells, so you are bound to get your money’s worth. They are fairly easy to use. Pick up a set with different weights for the most effective usage.

Exercise Mat

Another no-brainer is an exercise mat. While your fitness routine might not involve floor exercises, a lot of warm-up exercises are better done on an exercise mat. It a basic must-have in your gym supplies. Plus, should you ever want to branch out into yoga, you know you’re set!

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Must-have Gym Equipment For Those Who Work Out At Home

Gym Ball

A gym ball can be quite useful as it can be incorporated within various types of exercises. From abs to squats, the gym ball comes in handy for many a posture. Plus, it can be fun and hardly takes up any space.

Jump Ropes

They say 15 minutes of rope-jumping can have an enormous impact on your workout. Involving skip ropes as part of your workout increases its efficiency substantially. Plus, all those childhood memories come rushing back to add an element of excitement in your workout.

Must-have Gym Equipment For Those Who Work Out At Home


Now, this one is a bit tricky and depends on the amount of space you have. If you can fit one in your spare bedroom, a treadmill is a must. For all the days when you are not in the mood for heavy physical exertion but still want to let your muscles loose, a treadmill is the perfect choice.

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Boxing kit

Boxing, like several other self-defence sports, can be a good workout in itself. In any case, even if you haven’t quite mastered the technicalities of the sport, simply the action of hitting a bag can be tiring. A good boxing bag and gloves are a handy investment in this case.

A chin-up bar

A chin-up bar can prove to be quite useful and convenient to own. For the most part, you can leave it to the side but when you want to use it, you can simply attach it to the door. And voila! You have your own pull up machine to work with.

Elastic bands

Elastic band exercises can substitute for a lot of other workout patterns that require other, more elaborate equipment. Simplicity of use and low maintenance give it an edge over other equipment.

So, get ready to workout in that perfect home gym! And don’t forget to play some music as you do that.

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Whether you have a treadmill and a set of free weights or you’ve invested in a complete multi-functional home gym, having exercise equipment on hand in your own home has several benefits