Must-Have Home Fragrances

A fragrance is a constituent that lends character and depth to the space in your home. You can give a different feel to each of the spaces. Home fragrances come various flavors.  Select a good fragrance for your home to provide it with an excellent touch. The aerosol room freshening sprays are chemicals which are given different artificial flavors of flowers. It is not advisable to use them for your home as the substances can at best induce a headache. Using a cheap spray gives the impression of masking. Your guests will feel that you are using it to mask an unpleasant smell.

Must-Have Home Fragrances

When it comes to home fragrances, you have the choice of giving the right tone and feeling in different parts of your home like the living room, kitchen, bedroom, etc.

You can add fragrance to your home through the use of are fragrant room sprays, fragrance pods, candles, herbal oil diffusers, reed diffusers and fragrance incense. It is always better to opt for natural organic fragrances as they are pleasant and invigorating.

Selecting the fragrance

Selection of home scents for different rooms must be made meticulously. It can be compared to the variety of music. You would want a soft background music to play in your living room. Similarly, you would use a refreshing home fragrance so that your guest feels a sense of freshness when they are in your living room.


Candles are loved by everyone and more so by women as they are romantic and add warmth and glow to the room. By placing an aromatic candle the room gets a continuous supply of fresh fragrance which is soothing and comfortable. Scents can evoke strong feelings in people and can be used to bring out the right emotions depending on the occasion.


Diffusers are the most effective fragrance distributors. When the reeds are placed in the bottle, they absorb the scent, and it travels upward and is diffused into the air. The fragrance is dispersed continuously in a small quantity perfect to achieve the right concentration in the room. As there is no flame element, they are a lot safer if your home has little children playing around. Diffusers also come in the form of pods, pads, essential oil heating diffusers and more.


Premium quality air freshening sprays have come a long way. Sprays nowadays work in 2 steps. First, they use odor neutralizing agents to eliminate the existing odor. As the stale odor is being removed a fresh burst of the aroma is released to inject freshness into the room.

Using pure essential oils spray gives an organic fragrance that is mild, natural and long-lasting. Also sprays with pumps are always preferable as they do not use chemical propellants to disperse the scent and use the pumps action and spray nozzle for this.

Fragrances for different spaces

Hallway – Woody based fragrances are best suited for this area. They are subtle, calming and welcoming. Cedar, Patchouli, Oud are some of the choices.

Living room – Honey and vanilla are ideal for small living rooms, larger rooms can manage macaroon and caramel fragrances.

Dining room- Natural citrus fragrance like lemon or similar is suitable for the dining room.

Kitchen- Apart from citrus tangerine and mandarin fragrances are best suited.

Bedroom- Floral fragrances jasmine, tuberose and lily are some of the choices.


Home perfume can enhance your home presentation and express your character and hospitality. It not only removes the staleness and odor from your home but also induces freshness, improves mood and livens up the home atmosphere.

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