Paneer- The Best Source Of Protein For All The Vegans

For all the vegetarians the only dish which comes as a savior is Cottage cheese, commonly known as Paneer. One of the most consumed milk product, Paneer can be found easily in any household. The best part about paneer is it can be cooked in quite a plenty of styles and the cooking time needed is very less as compared to other vegetarian dishes. Paneer is not specific to any particular cuisine, one can find panner used in a lot of different cuisines, be it Mughlai, Italian, Mexican or even Chinese. When you have some guests and can’t find something good and easy to cook, then no other option can be better than making a dishes using Paneer. As it is made from milk, hence it has a lot of health benefits, not just cooked it can be consumed raw seasoned with some salt and pepper, this can be an amazing evening snack.

Paneer- The Best Source Of Protein For All The Vegans

Here are some health benefits of Paneer if consumed on daily basis:

  1. The best source of Protein for all the vegetarians: Although meat is the best source of protein but for those who are vegetarian, they can replace their meat with Paneer, which has almost equal amount of protein content.
  2. Keeps away the hunger: Being rich in protein, paneer releases energy slowly hence it keeps the stomach full for a longer time, hence keeps away the hunger.
  3. Helps burn body fat: Paneer is rich in Protein and calcium along with these two it is one of the well-known source of linoleic acid which helps in losing weight by burning extra fat in the body.
  4. Prevents bone and teeth diseases: Helps in preventing major health problems like joint pain, tooth decay, gum problems etc.
  5. Prevent tooth from cavities: Being a good source of Vitamin D along with the availability of Calcium, consuming paneer makes the tooth enamel strong and helps in maintaining good oral health.
  6. Regulates metabolism: Due to the presence of dietary fibres, it helps in regulating a good digestive system hence results in improved metabolism.
  7. Reduces the risk of heart problems: Helps in maintaining lipid profile in the body hence helps in lowering blood pressure and risks of cardiovascular diseases.
  8. Strengthens Immune system of kids: For kids, it is very important to have a good immune system so that they don’t catch a cold, cough and some common health problem, hence adding paneer in the regular diet of kids can help maintain the immune system.
  9. Prevents kids from malnutrition: Malnutrition is one of the common health problems today, hence including Paneer in the regular diet can prevent kids from malnutrition as well as from other protein deficiency diseases.
  10. Good source of energy for pregnant women: For the pregnant women, it is highly recommended to include paneer in the regular diet, as it is one of the best sources of protein and calcium hence this helps in maintaining good health.
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There are plenty of dishes that can be cooked using Paneer like Shahi Paneer, Paneer tikka, Paneer Kebab, Paneer Burger and lot more. So impress your guests with your favourite paneer dish.