Pros and Cons Of Renting Furniture

When most people think about things that are “rent-to-own” the first things that usually come to mind are homes and apartments. However, there are a lot more items out there to rent before owning using the same principle. If you are buying a new house or moving somewhere new, you may not be able to just pack up and take all your furniture with you. This is where the rent-to-own businesses come in handy because there is no immediate purchase. However, there is a bit of information that you will have to consider before deciding whether to rent to own.

Pros and Cons Of Renting Furniture


Rent-to-own stores have become a lot more popular in the last couple of decades. Many people will turn to chain stores to rent their furniture because they either can’t afford to pay it all upfront or they have no idea how long they will be living in the same place. If you know for a fact that you won’t be staying in a certain area for a long period of time, you may just decide to rent all of your furnishings and electronics through a rent to own process. It can lift the burden of feeling the need to purchase, replace and the discard your entire home’s contents each time you move. For others, they may just not have the money to throw down for a $3,000 living room set in addition to beds, tables, couches, etc. Places that offer you the option to finance these things over time might make things a little easier on your household. This can be especially true when you have to get a lot of things as opposed to just one or two things. Another plus of being able to rent before you own is figuring out exactly what you want in your home. Sometimes when you are out furniture shopping it can be difficult to envision what it will look like once you get it inside your living quarters. A couch that may seem lovely in the store may just not jive with the rest of your house.

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Pros and Cons Of Renting Furniture


Naturally, any time that you finance something it is likely to cost you more in the long run. Renting-to-own is no different, and in fact can even feel similar to a car payment. Stores that allow you to rent a piece of equipment over time will often charge tax for cutting you the break of an immediate payment, but in return you will be paying a higher percentage by the time you have paid it off. If you have bad credit or no credit, this likely will impact you more than other people in good standing as well. Many of these stores that offer rent-to-own equipment advertise that you don’t need good credit, however that is just another way of saying that you will be paying a very high interest. However, many of these stores also offer you the option of just paying the whole thing off early for a discounted price. Usually, the time frame for this is within six months of your lease, which may be beneficial if you find a way to save up for that.

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In the end, renting equipment and furniture might be what you need if you plan on moving a lot or can’t afford much right away. But there are surely both good and bad aspects to these kinds of deals. The first thing to do before jumping into a contract is to look around your local area and go speak with some of the representatives to see what this expenditure may cost you.

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