Samsung Galaxy Note 5: The Big Phone

Samsung Galaxy Note series smartphones are known for their bigger size display and the technology used in those display. The recent Galaxy Note 4 carries a bigger display, bigger resolution and the most surprising thing is that Samsung manages to bundle all the things of display in such a way that it is now more efficient. And Galaxy Note 5 would show the same.

Diagonal of the screen Galaxy Note 4 remained unchanged at the previous 5.7 inches, but the resolution has grown to QHD, which means 1440 x 2560 points or 515 pixels in terms of every inch. In fact, the image quality depends on the distance between the user and the device, so that different manufacturers are proud of indicators with a spread of 100-150 ppi and thus did not prevaricate. At Samsung is one of the best value on the market, so it can be very close to the eyes to bring a smartphone and not see the point from which the image is constructed. Some might call resolution redundant, but more densely packed pixels still does not hurt. And Galaxy Note 5 display would be even brighter and sharp as display resolution is going to be 4K.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 5: The Big Phone

Even if customers are accustomed to evaluate the quality of quantitative indicators, do not forget about the brightness, contrast, viewing angles, color accuracy and anti-glare displays. Specialists Display Mate, one of the most reputable appraisers of quality screens, agreed that the screen Galaxy Note 4 – the most advanced and high-tech in the market. The reason for that is the energy efficiency of Super AMOLED, high brightness and contrast, as well as the most accurate colors. Note 4 display capable of showing 99% standard Adobe RGB color space while viewing a photo, 130% and 101% on the base and adaptive modes, respectively. If desired, users can customize the palette, or rely on automation, which will select the mode depending on the running application. Also, if you are set to wait for Galaxy Note 5, then it could be better decision as it is not very far now.

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As for the other features of the screen, is the support of gloves mode (means you can use the phone with your gloves also, you don’t need to take it off in the winters) and use a rather rare protective glass Gorilla Glass third generation. It is much more resistant to scratches and keeps hitting better, but is more expensive, so not all manufacturers rush to update their display technologies.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 carries the best display without any doubt, the colors production and rendering is just amazing. Another example of similar resolution display is implemented in LG G3, but LG is unable to set the record, as it is no more efficient in terms of Note 4 display. So, we must thank Samsung for creating such technology. And Samsung would definitely implement it in the upcoming Galaxy Note 5 with 4K-resolution display, but still it is a rumour for upcoming beast. We have to wait a lot for the release of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 in the market, as September 2015 is no near. Till then we would see the announcement of Galaxy S6 in the March, just announced.

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