Steps To Take Immediately After Being Injured At Work

There are instances whereby people get injured in the workplace. People may be wondering which are the most suitable steps to take after being injured on the job. The steps that you should take immediately include:

Steps To Take Immediately After Being Injured At Work

Report the Injury

After incurring an injury at the workplace, make sure you have reported the issue to your employer. Ensure you have adhered to the internal procedures. An employee should report an injury within 10 days.

The employer should issue the injured employee a sick leave of at least three days. Afterward, the employer should submit the first report to the WCC (Workers’ Compensation Commission). The report is supposed to state the time frame and the statute of limitations regarding the compensation claim issued by the workers.

Obtain Medical Care

Ensure you have sought treatment for the injury that you have incurred. There are compensation laws in each state, and they allow the employees to choose the most suitable medical provider for treatment purposes. The WCC (Workers’ Compensation Commission) has a fee schedule outline that showcases how much the physicians should charge. The physicians should also be in a position to accept their payment under the issued fee schedule.

After visiting a physician, the injured employee should inform the medical practitioner about the injuries they incurred. Describe how the incident took place. Also, notify the doctor of the symptoms that you have been experiencing.

The physician will then issue the treatment that you need to recover from the injury that you had incurred. The doctor should also look into whether the injury will affect your performance at the workplace.

Keep Track of the Medical Expenses

The compensation benefits are dependent on the severity of the injury that you have incurred. In most instances, the lost wages and medical expenses will be covered. As a result, you should keep track of the medical costs and the time that you were unable to work. Each of these expenses is related to the injury.

Hire a Professional Lawyer to Assist with Your Claim

After incurring an injury at the workplace, make sure you have hired a professional compensation attorney. The personal injury lawyer will ensure that your rights are protected. Also, they will help you to gather evidence that will help to support your claim.

The compensation attorney should be experienced. Make sure you have looked into their track record with regard to how they handle compensation claims. The litigator should also be conversant with the complex process involved when applying for a claim. They should guide you through the entire compensation process.