Ice Skating Injury Compensation and Claims Solicitors

If you have been injured in an accident whilst ice skating, then it may be possible to make a claim for personal injury compensation. You should seek legal advice immediately under the circumstances, so that case-relevant legal advice may be provided to you.

Ice Skating Injury Compensation and Claims Solicitors

Making a Claim Against an Ice Rink

If you have been injured on an ice rink, then your claim is going to be against the ice rink operator through their liability insurer. However, because there is a great “assumption of risk” with ice skating, many initial claims of this type are unsuccessful, because it is very easy for ice rink operators to show that the plaintiff knowingly exposed himself or herself to injury before any injury occurred. Thus, many claims of this nature result in split liability, where the claimant receives a reduced amount of financial compensation.

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This is assuming, of course, that it cannot be proven beyond all reasonable doubt that the ice rink operator’s negligence caused your accident. If the operator’s negligence can be proven, then you will have a much stronger case for financial compensation. This is the route that a lawyer would go down when building your case. Your lawyer will review the health and safety records of the ice rink operator to see whether or not they have fulfilled their legal obligations to protect customers. If it is found that they failed in their duties to protect their customers from harm, then a compelling case for compensation can be built.

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How much could I be owed?

Ice skating accidents result in a wide range of injuries – and how much compensation you could be owed depends on the nature of your injuries, the extent of those injuries and how your injuries have and will affect your life in the future. The more serious the nature of your injuries, then generally speaking the more financial compensation you can expect.

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Here are some examples of compensation awarded for minor-moderate injuries:

  • Sprained or twisted ankle on an ice rink: £1,000-£1,850;
  • Broken or fractured able on an ice rink: £1,500-£2,500;
  • Broken or fractured wrist on an ice rink: £1,500-£2,500;
  • Minor soft tissue lacerations from ice skates: £1,850-£3,000;
  • Concussion from ice skating; £1,500-£3,000.

If you have suffered an injury similar to those described above, it is important to remember that you may be owed considerably more than the examples provided. You can also claim back any related financial losses, such as lost income, and you can also claim back out of pocket expenses that are relevant to your accident such as travel costs and medical costs, and these will bump up your pay-out considerably, depending on your circumstances.

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