Stratfor Global Intelligence – An Intelligence Agency With A Difference Offering Multiple Products & Services

There is no dearth of intelligence agencies across the world that collects and analyzes the information from various parts of the world to predict events that can have a profound influence on businesses, organizations, economy and other aspects. However, only a few among them are reputed for their accurate forecasting capabilities and accurate analysis. Among these, a shining name is that of Stratfor Global Intelligence which is located in the city of Austin in Texas. The intelligence firm or agency has a tremendous repute for its professionalism and expertise in forecasting of events of great significance to military, political, economical, terrorism and energy.

Stratfor Global Intelligence - An Intelligence Agency With A Difference Offering Multiple Products & Services

Products and Services of the Agency

Stratfor Global Intelligence offers a large number of products and services to the benefit of individuals, government agencies, media houses, retired professionals, professors and many more. These products and services are mentioned below in brief.

  • COM – For Personal Subscription
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This offers a foundation analysis of the happenings from around the globe to inform personal subscribers why the events are important and what they mean. It also helps them to understand what will happen next. The online publication thus offers the following things:

  • Daily situation reports
  • Analyses
  • Geopolitical Weekly
  • Security Weekly
  • Global Affairs Weekly
  • Geopolitical Diary
  • Forecasts
  • Quarterly Forecast (April, July, October)
  • Annual Forecast (January)
  • Decade Forecast (every five years)
  • Special reports
  • Special series
  • Exclusive Graphics
  • Videos
  • Archives
  • ENTERPRISE MEMBERSHIPS – For Businesses and Organizations

Uncertainties often prove disastrous for investors and fund managers as well as entrepreneurs. For this reason, the enterprise membership of the agency offers a large number of services which are as follows:

  • Enterprise Portal
  • Global Intelligence Weekly
  • Premium Research
  • Quarterly Conference Calls
  • Intelligence Alerts
  • Advisory Services & Custom Projects

The agency also offers an array of advisory services and custom projects to support business objectives of its clients and these are including the following ones.

  • Geopolitical risk assessment
  • Analysis and entry strategies for new markets
  • Strategic planning support
  • Investment or transaction-based due diligence
  • Business development support
  • Business advocacy
  • Global intelligence monitoring
  • Tactical intelligence support
  • Protective intelligence
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Stratfor Global Intelligence also offers valuable keynote speeches and training to cater to the demands of its worldwide clientele or subscribers effortlessly. The agency has till date predicted world events with a high rate of accuracy and although their forecasts seem to be highly impossible at the time of their forecast, later on, it turns out to be true. Some of such forecasts are prediction of the European financial crisis in 2000 which turn into a reality in 2008, prediction of a shift of Al Queda operations to the regional spin offs, Russia’s resurgence, Greece to become a debt-ridden European Country and so on.

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The agency is certainly with a difference where predicting events in a world of uncertainties is nothing short of a miracle. The dedicated staff members of the agency are however accomplishing the impossible task year after year successfully.