The Importance Of Portable Water Filter Jerrycans

The Product

Cue the portable water filter jerrycan – a simple yet potentially life-saving product that enables users to store and filter large volumes of water, making it fit for consumption. With a capacity of up to 18.5 litres, this jerrycan is designed for high-volume use and is specifically targeted at group expeditions, campers, outdoor enthusiasts or those who live rurally or off-grid. Having said that, it can also be a handy household item for anyone who would like the reassurance and knowledge of being able to store and purify their own water supply.

The Vital Nutrient

Water is the most vital nutrient on earth. The recommended daily intake for the average adult man is three litres per day and slightly less for women. This is to replenish fluids lost through sweating, urination and salivating. But drinking contaminated water can lead to a number of health issues, ranging from unpleasant nausea and stomach bugs to severe long-term illness and even death. This is why the portable water filter jerrycan is so important – it combines our basic human need for water with a safe filtering system that can be carried out manually by anyone.

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The Importance Of Portable Water Filter Jerrycans

The Filtration System

The filtration system in the portable water filter jerrycan is quick and effective. It uses pneumatic pressure to push large volumes of water through the filtration system, which can successfully remove 99.9% of viruses, bacteria and cysts from any water supply – no matter how stagnant. This water can then be used for drinking, washing and cooking. Better still, the carbon filter is also able to remove any bad tastes from the water, making it pleasant as well as safe to ingest. The filter can be used to purify up to 20,000 litres of water before it needs replacing – at this time the pump will fail to pass water through the system, and you will know a replacement filter is needed.

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In conclusion, this product is undoubtedly a game-changer when it comes to travelling, outdoor pursuits or remote living. By having a product that transforms any water supply into safe drinking water, you get the peace of mind that you are never going to become dehydrated. It is potentially one of the key pieces of survival equipment that anyone in remote surroundings and with no access to a tap or convenience store could ask for. No other substance on earth is as essential to our health, safety and survival as water, so ensure you always have a clean, purified supply by investing in a portable water filter jerrycan today. It could literally save your life.