The Various Uses Of Portable Water Filter Bottles

In many of the remoter parts of the world, access to clean and safe drinking water cannot be guaranteed. Expeditions to areas such as remote jungles, deserts or glacial environments are not everyone’s idea of a fun holiday, but for the more daring among us, trekking and adventure holidays can give us new, unusual and exciting experiences.

Explorers and people undertaking expeditions to remote areas should arm themselves with a portable water filter bottle before they leave. This can convert fresh water from any source, even if it is contaminated, into safe drinking water by filtering out the bacteria and viruses. It also removes fungi and parasites from the water.

Because the water is filtered at the time you need it, carrying water is no longer necessary as long as you can find a suitable pool or stream from which to fill the bottle. You do not have to be heading off into the jungle or the desert to benefit from a portable water filter bottle. Even in some areas of the UK, you may plan a wild camping or hiking trip that will leave you without access to safe drinking water for days, and carrying enough to keep you healthy is impossible. Being able to filter water from different sources as you travel can keep you fit, healthy and able to complete your trip in great condition.

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The Various Uses Of Portable Water Filter Bottles

Emergency situations

Clean water is the most important factor in survival in the first hours following many natural disasters such as floods or earthquakes and in conflict situations. Enabling people affected by these emergencies to produce safe drinking water for their families is important and can help to keep them alive until more permanent aid is available.

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Many areas of the world do not benefit from regular supplies of clean drinking water and people live at risk of diseases such as typhoid, cholera and polio. Diarrhoea caused by dirty drinking water is responsible for the deaths of many children under the age of five, and solutions based on filtration like these bottles should play a part in changing this.

Military uses

In situations where military personnel are operating at a distance from their base and their supplies have to be carried, portable water filter bottles can considerably reduce the burden they need to carry. Water can be obtained from many different sources, so there is no need to follow predetermined routes.