Tips For Improving The Efficiency Of Your Medical Facility

From proper patient sign-in to processing insurance claims, medical facilities thrive on efficiency. But when it comes to streamlining the office processes, it’s not always easy. Since most medical facilities are booked months out, knowing how to improve overall efficiency is a must. Here are four ways to improve the efficiency of your medical facility and improve patient relations.

Tips For Improving The Efficiency Of Your Medical Facility

Delegate Work

No one can do it all, so if your front-office staff is too small, or they don’t know what their responsibilities are, it can negatively impact the workday. If you lack enough office support, the first step is to hire more people.

This will lighten the load on your existing employees. You also need to delegate the work equally, so that your staff knows exactly what’s expected of them. Make sure that the work you assign showcases that specific employee’s strength.

Go Digital

If your office still utilizes paper files, it’s time to make a change. An electronic medical record (EMR) or electronic health record (EHR) is designed to eliminate the overabundance of paper patient records and improve the overall record-keeping process. Most systems now allow medical facilities to keep all patient information in an EMR. This means both you and your staff can access important medical information in the click of a mouse.

Medical facilities management software can also help improve communication throughout your medical facility. It can give information about which rooms are reserved, which pieces of equipment need maintenance, and much more. This can help reduce scheduling conflicts and can decrease equipment downtime.

Streamline Dictation

If you dictate your medical notes, do so while you’re with the patient. This not only shows patients that you have the right medical information, but it also saves you time as well. Trying to backtrack and dictate patient notes later can lead to errors and delay insurance submissions.

Spend More Time With Patients

Whether you work within a medical group or have your own practice, you need to focus on patient care. This means devoting enough time to each patient while they’re in the exam room. To cut down on wasted time, have patients fill out paperwork in the waiting room prior to their appointment. You should also have staff take vitals and any pertinent history prior to entering the room. Even an extra five to 10 minutes can make a difference to your patients.

Improving the efficiency of your medical facility doesn’t need to be complicated. Look for pain points that you know need improvement, and work on those first. You can always circle back around and look for even more ways to improve daily processes once the overall efficiency is better.