Top 5 Must Visit Events This December

Did anyone know that India is the liveliest and packed with tradition throughout the December? Yes. It’s true. December is the month where India is all glooming and shining through around the corner. Similarly, December 2017 has also got a lot to offer. Guess what, many of us fail to actually identify what’s going around the city. We’ve got you some exciting events and having around this December so that you do not miss the good times:

Rann Utsav:

Do not miss the vibrant colors of Kutch this December. The desert festival sets itself to highlight the culture, followed with the elegance of heritage broadcasted throughout the festival. The key events that take place during the festival are – folk dance, music, kites, adventure – who wouldn’t fancy a good camel ride and great handicraft exhibitions. You also get the varied number of food stalls to satisfy your taste buds. This blend of culture and tradition attracts a huge of the number of tourists around the world and you can easily accommodate in the tents provided around the area. Apart from the tents, there are other arrangements to accommodate tourists by the Gujarat Tourism. Duration: Ongoing until 20th February 2018.

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Military Literature Festival:

This festival takes place at the Lake Club, Chandigarh. This is the inaugural military literature festival which will highlight the significance of armed forces through the different aspects. The event will be followed by the art, music, photography, and literature. Also, you will get to see the seminars and discussions. The visitors will get to witness the Indian and international defense exerts, authors and media personalities. Duration: 7th to 9th December 2017

Red Earth Sari Festival Chennai Edition:

Yes, Ladies, you read the right. Pack your bags for the most amazing saree exhibition being held in Chennai this December. Red Earth – private Arts Organisation – has organized this exhibition which showcases saree from designers around India. Duration: December 15th – 16th Venue: Amethyst, 11 White Roads, Chennai.

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Magnetic Fields Festival:

Cheers to the newest festival – This festival is being organized in Alsisar Mahal – 17th Century Palace Hotel situated in Rajasthan. The festival will offer you with the blend if music, lights, food, art, and fashion. This luxury festival will limit the audience to 500 and remises will have swimming pools, ballrooms, and courtyard for the different events. Duration: 15th – 17th December 2017 Where: Alsisar Mahal, Rajasthan

Time Litfest:

This event features exclusively the book launches followed by the discussions. The theme for this year is – That Man-woman Thing – which is significantly focused on the recent election scenario in the US. The best thing about the event is that it is free to attend. Yes – You could just collect the tickets and get yourself registered on the gates. Duration: 15th – 17th Dec. 2017. Venue: Mehboob Studio, Bandra West, Mumbai

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