Use Your Mobile Skills To Draw Attention Of Shoppers This Holiday Season

Being mobile friendly isn’t an option any more these days it’s a necessity. Few years ago having a mobile site was optional and not many people had it but due to technological development over the years mobile devices exponentially increased and thus the shopping trends changed. Now the new trend was buying on mobile screens and foot fall to physical stores decreased. Now people bought whatever was offered on mobiles

Although there is no hard and fast rule to increase sales over the mobile phones but there are trick and tips to make your business mobile friendly

Use Your Mobile Skills To Draw Attention Of Shoppers This Holiday Season

1. Make a Mobile-ready Site

A mobile friendly site would be one which can automatically detect the device the customer is using and resize it according to the device’s screen. The technical term used for such a website design is ‘responsive’ or ‘adaptive’ platform.

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2. Keep Testing your Site

Notice people navigating your mobile site, especially those people who haven’t shopped with you before. Observe, if needed take review of users of your site and see what are the bottlenecks of your site that is driving the users away from your site. Get to know what were your customer hoping to get from your purchase path and what did they get instead. One or two testers would be enough to uncover the downsides of your websites.

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3. Simplify Navigation for your Users

You should avoid making a difficult navigation for your website. Data entry should be reduced as much as possible. It would be best if you used big button, larger fonts and a navigation bar.

4. Finally Streamline your Mobile Payment Process

If you streamline your mobile payment process then that would reduce cart abandonment. Use Paypal payment solution which is optimised for mobile. One of the preferred tool is Paypal one touch. Which lets users to checkout with their paypal account and if you face problem embedding the paypal plugin then call Paypal customer service.

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