Ways You May Not Realize That Your Auto Insurance Protects You

Auto insurance is an important form of protection. Not only does it cover expenses related to vehicle repairs, it also addresses injuries that occur to you and, in some situations, other accident victims. It also protects you in other ways you might not realize. Here are a few examples.

Ways You May Not Realize That Your Auto Insurance Protects You

Personal Injury Protection

PIP, also known as personal industry protection, does more than help with medical bills not covered by your health policy. It pays for the treatment of you and any passengers injured in an accident. At its broadest PIP helps cover the costs related to lost wages and services connected with an injured party. In a worst-case scenario, the injury protection could cover funeral costs.

Property Damage Liability

This part of an auto insurance policy pays for damages incurred when your vehicle strikes another party’s property. This goes beyond damage to a person’s home. It also covers payments when you hit a fence, lamp post, mailbox, or telephone pole.

Comprehensive Coverage

Your vehicle can encounter damage beyond hitting another car or someone’s property. It also has to deal with the elements and natural events. These fall under the comprehensive coverage clause of the insurance policy.

For example, the damage is paid for should you hit a deer or flip over in a ditch to avoid striking an animal. Furthermore, your vehicle insurance protects you from natural events like fire, earthquakes, windstorms, and hail.

Cracked or Shattered Windshields

An item that policyholders might not realize about their auto policy is the ability to repair cracked or shattered windshields. At the minimum, it covers fixes to minimize the spread of star cracks on your front windshield. If the crack fully extends or something shatters the front or back plate, you can file a claim with the insurance company.

However, this isn’t a free service. You must pay the standard deductible to set up the repair. Generally, replacing the rear window is less expensive than the front windshield.

Uninsured Coverage

If you’re hit by an uninsured motorist in your vehicle or as a pedestrian, your insurance covers your damage and injury payments. In most cases, they file a legal writ to obtain compensation from the other party.

As you see, your auto insurance policy has much to offer. If you don’t know everything available to you, reach out to your insurer to find out more. In the end, it’ll make you feel more secure. Plus, you’ll understand the return of investment on your monthly payments.