When Should You Start Worrying About That Chip On The Windshield?

Whether it’s before you hop into the car or while you’re driving on the interstate, you notice a small chip in your windshield. At first, you think nothing of it and go on about your business.

However, this is something that you should never shrug off. A chip in the windshield can become devastating over time. Granted, nothing severe is going to happen at first. But over time, that small chip can turn into something much worse. Here’s when you should start worrying about a chip in the windshield.

When Should You Start Worrying About That Chip On The Windshield?

The Weather

Though you can avoid driving in certain conditions, you can’t control the weather. Having extreme temperatures, either hot or cold, can damage and warp your windshield. Cooling a hot windshield or warming a freezing windshield too quickly can weaken the windshield irreparably.

If the windshield already has some damage, like as a chip or crack, the risk of it breaking is increased exponentially. In order to avoid further problems until the windshield is repaired, it’s recommended that you leave your car’s heater and air conditioner off or on a very low setting for the time being.

The Chip Becomes Bigger

If the chip in your windshield has become bigger since the time you noticed it, you need to take action. The bigger the chip, the more likely the windshield is to shatter. Aside from the increased risk of a shattered windshield, driving with huge chips and cracks is a hazard. And if you are stopped for a moving violation, you could be fined.

Not only does a chipped windshield impair visibility, but it can also break while driving. You need to have a clear view while on the road. If the crack on your windshield is too large, you’ll need to invest in auto glass replacement.

When to Repair or Replace a Windshield

The best course of action is repairing the windshield as soon as you notice the chip. However, it does depend on where the chip is located. If we’re talking about a chip being on the far right of the windshield, for example, then immediate action may not be necessary. However, if it’s in the middle of the windshield and big enough to obstruct your visibility of the road, it warrants immediate repair or replacement.

Unfortunately, a lot of drivers disregard chips in their windshields and write them off as only an aesthetic issue. However, even the tiniest of chips in a windshield can cause issues. If you notice a chip in your windshield, don’t wait to have it repaired or to have your windshield replaced.