What to Keep In Mind When Choosing A Mattress If You Have Arthritis

It is always a challenge to find the right mattress because everyone has different needs, sleeping positions, and preferences. The difficulty level rises exponentially when you have any medical condition that causes chronic pain like fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, or osteoarthritis because then it becomes essential to identify a mattress that will help you to sleep better.

What to Keep In Mind When Choosing A Mattress If You Have Arthritis

Sleep and Arthritis

Different kinds of arthritis affect the body and the ability to sleep in different ways. Pain in the joints, hips, and back can make it difficult to find a comfortable sleep posture. While most people attributed the lack of rest to the medical condition, it is quite likely that insomnia may actually result from a mattress that is unsuitable and is aggravating the pain.

Why a Right Mattress Helps?

If you have arthritis then choosing the right mattress replacement, especially one designed for orthopedic use, can hugely improve sleep quality and alleviate back pain. According to research, the quality of sleep and the extent of pain experienced the next day have a very strong correlation; hence the need for a suitable mattress cannot be overemphasized. The prime function of the mattress is to ensure that your spine is in a neutral position so that your back, joints, and muscles are not put to strain. However, with time, mattresses wear out and no longer provide optimum spinal support and should be replaced so that you continue to derive the benefits required.

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Choosing the Best Mattress When You Have Arthritis

Generally speaking, there’s no universal mattress that’s right for every person suffering from arthritis as physical condition, extent, and tolerance of pain, as well as, required comfort can vary widely. Moreover, every person’s physical attributes like size, weight, and shape are different as is the sleeping position. However, a perusal of lull mattress reviews reveals the following to be important:

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Support: Unless you have a mattress that provides adequate support to your spine, as well as the upper and lower body, your body will be under strain giving rise to aches and fatigue. You need the mattress to also be stable as too soft a surface will make you sink and make it difficult for you to change positions while sleeping. You may find an orthopedic mattress with pocket springs topped by memory foam a good choice.

Motion transfer: If you sleep as a couple, the sleep of both could end being disturbed with each other’s movements causing the mattress to sag. If a mattress specifically designed to prevent motion transfer does not work or if personal preferences regarding support, firmness, and comfort are significantly different, two single mattresses with different attributes under the same bed sheet can be effective.

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A mattress with the right properties can give you a lot of relief, however, sleep quality can also be affected by your choice of a pillow, sleeping posture, and what you do and eat before retiring.