What You Should Do When You Are Charged With DUI?

Being charged with a DUI can be quite serious and there are some important things that need to be done immediately following being charged. Being charged with a DUI is unfortunate but it does happen. It is important not to over react until all the facts are examined and the person charged are instructed about exactly what their rights are.

What You Should Do When You Are Charged With DUI?

The first thing a person charged with a DUI needs to do is to contact an Orange County DUI attorney. You need to contact an attorney that is skilled in the specific area of driving while under the influence. There are many issues that need to be discussed between attorney and client. In addition, the person charged will be informed of what their rights are and would could possibly result from such a charge.

A DUI charge can be quite serious especially with all the emphasis placed on safety laws as well as injuries and deaths caused by persons driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Nearly every state has strict penalties which pertain to DUI. Of course the allegations must be proven within a court of law before any sentence or punishment is handed down.

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If someone is pulled over for possible DUI there are certain procedures that must be followed in accordance with law. If procedures are not followed by law enforcement regarding possible DUI it can jeopardize the entire case.

Law enforcement must have a specific reason for pulling a driver over if they suspect DUI. For example, if a police officer sees a driver driving erratically or possibly swaying from side to side while moving. Probable cause is enough for an officer of the law to force a driver to pull over.

Law enforcement may elect to perform certain tests after making a vehicle. The driver of the vehicle does have the right to refuse any tests however, refusing to cooperate with law enforcement can certainly be used against the person especially when the court hearing takes place.

The key is to obtain competent legal counsel in a DUI case. Therefore, contacting an Orange County DUI attorney is priority. A competent attorney will work closely with the client to make certain all the facts are correct and as accurate as possible. Even though a DUI is a serious charge, a skilled attorney can always argue that it is the drivers first offense. In addition, if the driver has a clean record otherwise and no brushes with the law this can certainly be in their favor.

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A Judge will certainly hand down a lighter sentence to someone who has a clean record as opposed to someone who has a history of offenses or previous brushes with law enforcement. In addition, a first time offender that shows remorse will certainly have an impact on a Judge who is deciding the fate of someone charged with DUI.

Being charged with a DUI is a serious issue. Something such as this can adversely affect the person’s entire life. DUI charges that are proven can affect a person’s employment, general reputation, as well future relations with family and friends.

Aside from a strong social impact of being charged with a DUI, a person can find themselves paying outrageous insurance premiums and all kinds of surcharges to the state which can be financially draining to say the least.

Everyone makes mistakes and it is important to learn from our mistakes. If no one was injured due to driving under the influence and the person charged is generally remorseful, then more than likely they will receive a light sentence. However, if injury occurred as a result of a DUI then that changes the entire picture. In addition, if the person also has a previous record then you can expect a fairly severe sentence for the DUI charge.

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Finally, it is best to avoid a DUI charge at all costs. However, if you find yourself being charged with DUI then make sure you secure competent legal counsel. In addition, until you speak to an attorney do not make any statements that could possibly hurt you in the future.