Why Are E-Bikes Still Popular in Both Developed and Developing Nations?

E-bikes have become the world’s best-selling vehicles, beating everyone’s favorite- cars. And the growth in the popularity of electric bicycles does not seem to be slowing down either. According to research, by 2030, more than 130 million electric bikes will be sold worldwide. 

China has the biggest market for e-bikes in the Asia-Pacific region. People in China are switching to electric bikes to reduce congestion in cities. In the year 2017, China accounted for 80 percent of all-electric bikes sold all over the world. When it comes to e-bike sales, Japan is not far behind. In 2016, six out of ten bicycles sold in Japan were electric. 

Talking of Europe, the electric market is growing at a phenomenal rate. Europe accounted for a total of 20 percent of electric bike sales worldwide. European nations, such as France and Germany, sold around 2.6 million e-bikes in 2018 alone. This growth pattern in the sale of e-bikes in Europe surprised everyone. 

E-bikes are changing the entire game of private transportation. These bikes are helping people live, work, and have fun in a unique manner, all the while improving their health as well. 

How does an electric bike function?

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An electric bike has several components that differentiate it from a conventional bike. Let us have a look at the main components of an electric bike –

  • Pedal-assist: The pedal assist has a sensor that activates the electric motor of the bike. To enable this, users must start pedaling. 
  • Gear Assist: A gear sensor works by stopping the motor when the gears get changed. Without a gear sensor, the chain on the e-bike can go through tremendous stress and cause mishaps. 
  • The Controller: The job of the controller in an electric bike is to engage with the rest of the components of the bike. It takes inputs from the rest of the components, including the throttle, pedal-assist, motor, etc. and works on it. 
  • Console: It shows all crucial information. This includes the battery life, speed, etc. 
  • Battery: The two main components present in an electric bike are the battery and the electric motor. The battery helps the e-bike move forward, and the normal range of power emitted by most e-bike batteries ranges between- 300-500 Watts. Choosing the right kind of battery for your e-bike is an important step and you should consult an e-bike expert to help you arrive at the right decision. 
  • Motor: The motor of an electric bike is usually located on the front. However, some e-cycles also have their motors placed on the rear hub or near the crankset. The placement of the motor would depend on the manufacturer.

The two main types of e-bikes available in the market: 

As per experts, there are two categories of e-bikes in the market. These include throttle bikes and pedal-assist bikes. 

  • Throttle bikes work more like scooters and do not require the user to pedal in order to activate the motor. Throttle bikes are useful when traveling through a rough terrain or a steep slope. 
  • On the other hand, pedal-assist bikes are like regular bikes but come with a motor. This motor gets activated when the user starts pedaling. Additionally, these bikes also have a pedaling sensor attached to them. 

Why should you opt for an e-bike?

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E-bikes can be used to commute within the city to travel in a mountainous region for fun. There is a wide range of e-bikes that you can choose from. You can use an e-bike to reduce your commuting time and also take care of your health simultaneously. E-bikes make sure you sweat out a bit without losing your breath. Hero Lectro manufactures e-bikes with special features that are suitable for city dwellers. These features offer safety and security to the rider.  

You can check out the e-bike price of your favorite e-bike by visiting the Hero Lectro website.