6 Things To Know Before You Visit Japan For Ski Trip

Every person vacation aspirations are different than the others, and their expectation of spending holidays also varies. Ski trip enthusiast imagines day and night that softest white powder on skin and a snowboard. The magical world of ski trip stories you have always been heard from your friend actually true in japan.

Ski trip is a adventure that everyone should have once in their lifetime to experience what it feels like to be covered in a snow with a snowboard on feet.

So, if you finally decided to go on a ski trip to japan, then it is essential for you to know some things before you make yourself gear up to experience one of the most thrilling ride you ever had.

Here are 6 things to know before you enter japan for a ski trip :-

6 Things To Know Before You Visit Japan For Ski Trip
1.get in touch with localite: This is obviously the most essential part of any vacation, when you are going outside the country. Try to contact with some local person for reserving place in hotel and for the booking of lift tickets in advance. It is very difficult to make reservation immediately and also there are very few people in japan who speak english. Help of guide in booking is indeed.

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2.Rely on cash:Japan is not very much of cashless country, most of the local stores and restaurants do not accept credit or debit cards as well as it is very difficult to find atm near to your place. Although, there are some that do accept card but very few, you have option to make a withdraw from airport atm and other. So carry little more cash than you thought.

3.Avoid driving :First, you can’t drive in japan until and unless you have international driving license. Second, the heavy snow almost make so much difficult for driver to have clear visibility of road ahead. The people living there are experienced and driving from years, so instead renting car from some agency take a bus from airport to the place.

4.Prepare yourself for blizzard :You never know how weather will turn out especially when you are going to snowy place. Last to last year it snowed more than 4 feet than it is expected by the locals. So don’t forget to pack extra pair of gloves, goggles, base layer in case of exception.

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5.grab a Hot drink can :If it is difficult for you to function without your daily dose of drinking hot coffee or tea in the morning then hit some nearest local store to grab a can of hot drink. Yes! In japan there is a can that keep the drink hot for a long time which also consist of several varieties depends totally on you what to go for creamy or black?

6.Visit other places :Japan is actually the place which has ability to pull your attention towards each and every city of their country. No doubt, ski offers great food,terrific restaurants and out of the box sightseeing with japan warm welcome. But its is worth to visit tokyo and sapporo especially after spending 12 hours on a flight to see a glimpses of modern lifestyle of japan.

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Other than all these points, you can even go for ski huts in colorado which is a place that worths every penny of your money. Check out the ski huts on web and the experience of people who lived there during their trip to japan. Don’t forget to make yourself prepare for heavy snowfall in your ski trip.   

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