Why is the Testing of Plywood Necessary?

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Every household desires to use excellent and top-notch quality plywood for its interior design. Unfortunately, there are different kinds of plywood available in the market, and each has its specific use. Therefore, choosing the right type of plywood required for a particular job is somewhat confusing because of its wide variety. 

Why is plywood essential?

Plywood is considered the backbone of structural formations as it can withstand high levels of stress and extreme weather conditions. Moreover, it has very high strength and stiffness-to-weight ratio, which is why it is the top priority material for making floors, framework, shear walls, etc. 

Plywood can be stronger than steel when it comes to static bending strength. It has a cross-layered structure which gives it great strength and durability to resist extreme conditions. These qualities are essential when it comes to construction purposes. It has features that are even better than wood and at a cheaper rate. 

It is a myth that all the expensive plywood manufacturers provide excellent quality plywood. However, it would help if you took specific measures no matter which shop you choose to buy your materials. If you do not check your material, there are various problems faced.

The various issues faced due to the bad quality of plywood are mentioned below:

  • Structural collapse- 

Low-quality plywood causes structural failure. This is the biggest drawback as the whole point of making your furniture solid and rigid is defeated. It is not only weaker but also not temperature or weather resistant.  

  • Delamination-
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Delamination is another issue faced by people after using cheap plywood. The adhesive used to hold the layers of plywood together for the furniture fails due to its cheap quality. As a result, it becomes spongy and soggy. 

  • Warping- 

Users also face warping due to cheap plywood. This is where the furniture takes up a grotesque shape that ruins the desired shape of the furniture. This happens due to heat and moisture, and once warping takes place, there is no other option but to exchange the piece with a new one. 

  • Termites-

Termites are a significant problem faced after owning a bad plywood piece. Low-quality plywood already has voids and gaps on its surface, making it easier for termites to attack your furniture and other bug infestation. 

The following problems that are mentioned above can become very tedious and time-consuming to rectify. Therefore, to avoid such future issues, you must select the best type of plywood for your usage. 

Methods that you can follow to pick the proper plywood are:

  • Firstly, make sure that the surface doesn’t have any cuts or scratches and is smooth and even. 
  • Good quality is hard and stiff; hence doesn’t bend easily. So make sure your plywood is healthy and not fragile. 
  • Check the sides of the plywood. Make sure there isn’t any overlapping of surfaces and no sorts of gaps or holes. 
  • Ask for a small piece cut of the plywood and look for visible core lines on the outside and congruent ones inside. 
  • Best quality plywood is always ISI certified. Make sure to check the kind of plywood grade you are willing to buy. There are mainly two types- MR (Moisture Resistant) and BWP (Boiling Water Resistant). 

These are some ways you can prevent yourself from the problems that you will face in the future due to the bad quality of plywood. 

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