3 Facts and Misconception About The Tires

Since being the only part of your vehicle in direct contact with the road, tires are the most important component of your car. If the tires is faulty somehow, it will spell a lot of problem not only to your safety on the road but others’ also. When it comes to driving, seriously, nothing’s worse than the faulty and worn out tires though. People still have misconceptions about the car tire. Therefore, we are sharing 3 really important fact’s you didn’t really know about your tires;

Tire Pressure

You didn’t know that your tire will not burst even if you exceed the maximum pressure. You just need to have your car wearing the premium quality tires because sure tires can withstand enough amount of pressure from within. Ironically, they sometimes can exceed the maximum without bursting so that’s a big plus if you are more concerned about the tire blowout.

3 Facts and Misconception About The Tires

On the other side, the low quality tire is more likely to burst if you put it in the same condition because it doesn’t have that much strength left in it to bear such pressure. Perhaps that’s the reason as to why it’s advised to keep your tires in a good shape.

Low Budget Tires Vs Premium Tires

If you are amongst the ones who believe the low budget brand tires are just as good as the name brand tires, the tire manufacturing companies would have been shut down up till now. Thankfully, that’s not the case otherwise there would have been no tire manufacturing but the tire repairing workshops only. Although, it’s true that some budget tires and the name brand tires are manufactured from the same company but earlier there were not running test implemented on tires just like they do now.

So the latest name brand tires are much more efficient as they have been through much tougher test as compared to the ones of older versions. Did you know that the budget tires have just been tested for the safety and basic driving needs whereas the latest premium ones are quite strong as they can withstand the tough driving conditions?

Tire Tread and Its Life

You must have heard this thing like a broken record that the more tire tread mean the more tire life. Well that’s not necessarily the case anyway. In fact, the deep tire treads don’t mean that it will last forever. However, it’s true that the low quality tires have shorter life because the rubber on those tires degrade quite fast that directly yet drastically impacts the driving efficiency.

It’s all because the tires, regardless of which car tyre brands you use, need specific amount of heat that’s usually produced by the friction caused due to motion. The longer the tire sit static, the quicker it degrades. Tire in motion, gets more friction giving it more flexibility alongside preventing it from possible cracks.

There are 2 maximum pressure ratings that are usually listed on your car.

  • On the tire
  • On the driver’s side door jamb

While the manufacturer has a maximum pressure rating, mostly the car manufacturers need to override this rating.


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