8 Most Common Problems You Can Face With Your Car!

Maintenance of automotive vehicle is important if you own it. As prevention is better than cure so if you want your car to be well-maintained, safe on the road and save your money then have a look at these eight common problems your car can face and keep your car roadworthy.

8 Most Common Problems You Can Face With Your Car!

  1. Check Your Car’s Oil System Regularly

To keep your car in running situation, you need to check its oil system regularly. Oil is known as the blood of car engine as it keeps the parts of engine work appropriately. Normally the driver or owner of the car knows when to change oil or for how long the oil will last. You need to be careful in monitoring your car oil system as if you do not take notice of oil leaks then it can deplete the oil of your vehicle and enduringly stain the material on which the fluid falls. The important point to notice is that if you have the record of change in oil system on regular basis then it will increase the resell value of your car.

  1. Replacement Of Car Battery
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Normally the life of car battery is four to five years. After this time period you need to check your battery condition and if needed replace it. Like the alarming situation of brakes that squeal and squeak when it is about to fail, similarly, batteries heat up quickly when it need to be replaced. If your car is not starting from two-three days, then you need to replace its battery.

  1. Repair Car Brakes

If the usage of the car is more and you, your father, your mother and your younger brother drive the same car then there are chances to get a new set of your car brake pads. As everyone has different and may be rash (stop and go driving) driving style so keep an eye regularly on your car brakes.

  1. Replacement Of Tire

Tire replacement is the most common problem every car holder faces. There are a number of reasons behind puncture or failure of a tire. In order to keep your car tire in good condition, you need to know how to change the tire if it gets damaged or punctured and check tread & air pressure regularly.

  1. Repair Car Ignition System
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Sometimes if a car is not starting or missing continuously then there is another problem then its battery failure. The problem could be in the ignition coil system of your car. As ignition system delivers the electricity that triggers the plugs to start a vehicle.  The replacement of starter is bit expensive as now cars have electronic ignition systems.

  1. Maintenance Of Air Conditioner

During driving, if you are experiencing vibrations then air condition system of your car is leaking. For these type of problem, you need to take help from professionals or you need to visit the nearest car repair service center.

  1. Problem In Timing Belts

The timing belts of your car need to be maintained and changed on regular basis. Even you can also change them easily if you are a good driver. If you have the new car with electronic systems, then help from professionals is needed.

  1. Problem In Spark Plugs

With the help of spark plugs, the fuel is ignited in the cylinders. If there is some problem in spark plugs, then the fuel will be wasted and it will cost you more. To overcome this problem, you need to check the spark plugs and replace them.

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Regular inspection and maintenance of the above-mentioned common parts of the car are important. It will minimize the regularity of repairs and also saves your money.

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