3 Practices You Must Adhere For Your Tree Care

Every property owner wishes to have a yard outside their place. They wish to have a place full of greenery and beautiful young trees all over. They are not just a symbol of pride but are also extremely useful if given proper care and maintenance. You just need to adhere to their needs once in awhile, and they give you unexpected returns throughout their lifespan.

Having trees is not just valuable to the environment for the obvious reasons, they also increase the value of the property they stand upon. While providing cool and pure air not just to your home but all your neighbourhood as well. So, instead of beating around the bush, let’s come straight to the practices that you must adhere.

3 Practices You Must Adhere For Your Tree Care

Be careful while working with the lawn mower.

It is obvious that if you have a yard, you will want it to be green. The best way to do is plant some good quality grass on it along with your favourite plants and trees. It not only helps your yard look beautiful but also avoid soil erosion.

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However, the issue with grass is that it grows very fast and needs to be mowed from time to time. But mowing a lawn is not as easy as it sounds. You have to take precautions while mowing around the trunk of a tree. A small wound on the trunk can be fatal for your tree, as insects and birds chip the wounded area in search of food and shelter.

What we generally recommend to all our customers is to spread mulch around the tree. It has dual advantages. First it reduces the risk of mowing close to the trunk and secondly the mulch provides the nutrients and minerals essential for the growth of your trees.

Provide proper nutrients to your trees

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You might have noticed, trees that are not properly maintained lose their colour over time or have holes in their trunks. In such cases, the ideal way to proceed is to inject the trunk of the trees with proper doses of nutrients and minerals. Like the human body, a tree needs some additional doses of these nutrients and minerals from time to time.

Our recommendation; hire a professional tree care consultancy firm to provide the much needed scientific artificial source of minerals to the trees, without causing any damage to the health of the tree.

Preventing diseases and timely tree pruning is vital

There are a lot of fungal and bacterial diseases that kill your tree slowly and trust me, as an expert on the matter; it is not at all a pretty sight seeing your years of hard work die slowly before your own eyes. These micro organisms affect the vascular system of the tree and its symptoms include discolouration of leaves and stunted growth of trees.

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It is recommended that you hire a specialist firm with a botanist to take care of your trees and invest in the timely pruning of them whenever possible.

Robin T