How To Find and Work With The Main Sewer Line In Your House

Clearing the main sewer line is best done by locating the unit yourself in various places around the house. The line is easy to find in certain rooms in some homes but is located several feet underground in other houses. Once the line is found, you need specialized tools to clear the debris in the main drain line and restore your wastewater system to normal functioning. The following are recommended steps to becoming more familiar with the placement of the main sewer line in your house.

How To Find and Work With The Main Sewer Line In Your House

Where the Main Sewer Line is Found

A house’s main sewer line is typically found underneath the basement or crawl space. The pipe, which is an average of 4″ in diameter, is installed at a depth of one to six feet. In colder climates, the pipe is installed deeper to prevent freezing.

At some homes, the sewer line is found at a sewer cleanout line. The main clean-out system is placed in the ground and found within a metal or plastic box with a plug on top. In other homes, the pipe is located in the bathroom near the floor drain. The top part can be opened and cleaned with a drain-clearing tool.

In certain houses, the main clean-out is placed on the basement floor where the pipe comes up from underground. There should be a direct line running along the foundation wall or the main drain soil stack where the plumbing connects to the sewer system.

Drain Cleaning Services

The main drain line is connected to pipes that circulate throughout the entire home and deliver wastewater to an underground sewer system. A drain clog will slow down the flow of raw sewage, allowing it to back up into various toilets in the home and cause thousands of dollars in plumbing damages. A clog must be removed from all of the drains to work safely with the help of a Roto-Rooter Sewer-Drain Service.

Cleaning Your Main Sewer Line

A sewer line is longer and more intricately connected than a sink or tub. A blockage can lead to a series of backups in bathrooms throughout the house. Any homeowner can clean the mainline using drain clearing tools like a hydro jetting hose or motorized drain auger. You are encouraged to locate this line first without the help of a professional. To get the most thorough clean for your pipes, contact a professional sewer drain service.