4 Changes That Can Help Increase Your Industrial Facility’s Energy Efficiency

While you can find many tips and tricks to make your home more energy efficient, it’s much more difficult for major industrial plants to find ways to reduce a carbon footprint or environmental impact. That is why the people in charge of running the plants need to find innovative ways to ensure that there is as little waste of energy as possible. In addition to being better for the environment, this will also help save money and allow for opportunities that may have been cut off because of waste. However, this requires the help of all employees at a plant for a plan to work. Here are four solutions to bring a plant under control.

4 Changes That Can Help Increase Your Industrial Facility's Energy Efficiency

Team Trainings

The first way to handle any energy solution is to have employee training in spotting problems and being energy efficient. This training means that all employees become a solid team in making sure money and energy are spent effectively in creating the plant’s final products. 

Energy Audits

Plants need to have scheduled energy audits to see where there are problems. These might be problems that have always existed, or you might find new issues that have just started. From there, you can figure out the root of the problem and solve it. For example, an older piece of equipment that is wasting energy may simply need a better maintenance schedule to reduce waste. Alternatively, there may be a more energy efficient replacement that you can replace it with. You may need to start your audit with older equipment, but every area needs to have regular energy audits. A thorough audit can find problems that employees may not notice in daily use.


Many plants do not need to operate every day. Doing so can actually lead to issues, so management should schedule occasional shutdowns where any nonessential equipment is turned off. Equipment left running will develop wear and tear that can lead to more energy usage. These shutdowns are also an excellent time to take care of routine maintenance.


Every so often, you will need to upgrade certain equipment. One of the most important pieces of equipment to pay attention to is your boiler. For many facilities, this is where your plant’s power is produced, so ensuring that your boiler is in good condition is essential to reducing wasted power. You can work with industrial steam boiler manufacturers to ensure you have the boilers your facility needs and that they’re well maintained.

For an entire industrial plant to be transformed into a model of efficiency, everyone there needs to be stewards of the environment. This does not mean everyone has to be ready to be political, but they do need to be educated and observant. Equipment, even those pieces few think about, can change the bottom line. There also needs to be time set aside to have the plant go quiet. All of this takes time, planning, and a management staff that understands that this saves money while benefiting the environment.