4 Kinds Of Shingles You Should Consider For Your Roof Replacement

A roof with a nice set of shingles might increase the overall value of a home. However, most types of shingles offer a few practical benefits that homeowners or business executives can take into consideration when looking for a set to replace their current roof. Different kinds of shingles may have different appearances or textures that match a person’s home or their personal tastes.

4 Kinds Of Shingles You Should Consider For Your Roof Replacement


Shingles made from asphalt tend to be popular thanks to their versatility and affordability. Asphalt is a broad category that can include shingles made from a few materials. Having several styles or color options available right away makes this option a good one if you need a roof replacement job done as quickly as possible. In most cases, it is a good idea to choose asphalt shingles on a roof that has a very steep slope. These shingles tend to fare well in areas that do not experience quick temperature fluctuations frequently.

Three-Tab or Architectural

Three-tab shingles are another relatively affordable option if you want a roof that should maintain its integrity for at least a couple of decades. These shingles tend to be quite thin but durable. Architectural shingles are somewhat similar to the three-tab variety, but they don’t use cutouts and have additional asphalt added. These shingles are waterproof but should be used with at least a medium slope. Professional roofing contractors can take a look at your structure and recommend the best type.


One of the main draws of tile shingles for many homeowners or property managers is their look or style. Many people consider these shingles to be some of the most stylish. You can have tile shingles molded into a wide range of shapes, and the usually light colors they come in can keep the roof cool. It is a good idea to speak with your preferred roofing contractor to see if this style can work for you. Tiles can be too heavy for some roofs to support safely.


In terms of a construction budget, wood is a nice option that falls in between the rest of the cheap and most expensive shingles. It’s also a classic choice that can give a structure a more traditional look. These shingles are quite durable and can last up to 50 years.

These are just a few of the types of shingles that anyone can choose as part of a roof replacement job for a home. The kind that works well for you may depend on your location, budget, or special requirements that you might have. Qualified roofing experts can direct any commercial enterprise or homeowner along the best path to a roof that meets all of their needs.