4 Serious Signs Of Wind Damage On Your Roof

High winds can have damaging effects on even the most durable types of roofs. The roof on your house or commercial building may have also sustained damage from the wind without you realizing, and knowing what to look for will help you take faster action to resolve any issues. After a major windstorm, it’s important to look for these four serious signs of wind damage on your roof.

4 Serious Signs Of Wind Damage On Your Roof

Missing Shingles

One of the most obvious signs of wind damage is missing roof shingles. High winds are known to tear shingles off roofs and leave openings that create entrances for water, pests and other unwanted factors to get into the building. A simple visual inspection from the ground level can help you identify any missing shingles, but you may also need to get onto the roof or hire a contractor to look for places where shingles are missing if you have a roof that’s especially large or intricate in its layout.

Indoor Water Stains

If you notice stains forming on the walls and upper ceiling inside your building even though your plumbing is still up to standard, roof damage from wind may be to blame. Water may be leaking through the openings from missing shingles or other holes or cracks on your roof that were caused by wind. A roof repair can often resolve the issue, but you might also need a roof replacement if the damage is severe and a lot of water is leaking into your building.


The shingles or tiles on your roof can get damaged from even small debris. If you notice small holes on your roof that resemble pockmarks, there’s a good chance that the wind damaged it. These pockmarks aren’t always so easy to spot, so you or someone else may need to perform a close-up inspection on top of the roof to identify the problems.

Chimney Problems

In addition to looking at the roof itself, you’ll want to inspect the chimney to look for any abnormalities that could indicate a roof problem that isn’t so easy to see. If you notice that your chimney leans, has damaged bricks or is cracked, this could indicate that there’s damage in the supporting structures of your roof as well as on the chimney itself. Missing chimney flashing could also signify a more serious problem with your roof.

Just like water and fire, wind can wreak havoc on a roof and leave severe damage. Frequent inspections can help you stay on top of any repairs that need to be made or replacement work that needs to be done to keep the rest of your building intact.