4 Parts Of Your Old Car You Can Easily Upgrade

Keeping a vehicle for years can save money when you spend the time to perform regular maintenance. When your car or truck is too familiar and useful to trade in, you may want to do a few upgrades to make it that much better. While it will take a little mechanical knowledge and ability to complete the following tasks, drivers can save money and upgrade their vehicle at home with these four ideas.

4 Parts Of Your Old Car You Can Easily Upgrade


Replacing old tires with newer models is no big deal. All you need is a tire iron or four-way, a jack and jack stands, and some muscle. Upgrading to tires with thick tread and proven performance will help you transfer the power in your engine to the asphalt. Going with an 80,000 mile set of tires will ensure you do not have to replace them for a while. Always remember to check the date code on the tires to ensure they are not an older set with years on the shelf.

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Entertainment Systems

You can easily replace your car stereo with a better version using an installation kit. These combos come with instruction manuals that are easy to understand. Following the directions will ensure you can update your stereo to get better sound quality. You can also add an infotainment system that combines the radio with a GPS unit and more. Then, you can listen to your favorite tunes via the touchscreen. Answering phone calls is as simple as tapping one button to help you keep your eyes on the road.

Spark plugs

Better spark plugs will help your engine run smoother and more efficiently. By upgrading these parts, you can get more miles per gallon and a lot more pep out of your vehicle. Higher quality parts mean more gas you save. A ratchet, socket set, gap tool, and spark plug remover are the only things you will need for this task.

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Rubber Bushings

Although bushings are a little more difficult to replace, many vehicle owners have the skills to replace these parts. Polyurethane is a more durable material for bushings. Even though these items are pricier than the rubber ones, they will last longer. You will not have to replace them near as often as you might the factory bushings.

Upgrading old parts on your vehicle can help you get more enjoyment and mileage out of it. Tires and spark plugs add performance and save gas while the stereo is a bonus. Replacing the bushings will give you a more comfortable ride.