4 Preventative Measures To Protect Your Home from Lightning Storms

If you live in an area that regularly gets lightning storms, then you need to come up with a comprehensive plan for protecting your home and family from those dangerous natural events. In an unprotected home, a single lightning strike could cause severe injuries and huge amounts of damage in the blink of an eye.

4 Preventative Measures To Protect Your Home from Lightning Storms

Install Lightning Rods

One of the most cost-effective ways to protect your home from the damage caused by lightning strikes is to install one or more lightning rods. Those rods are usually the cornerstone of a lightning protection system, and they allow some or all of the energy to naturally dissipate instead of damaging nearby materials. In the average lightning protection system, the roof rods are attached to conductors that channel the energy to additional rods in the ground.

Unplug Your Electronics

As soon as you receive a warning that there is going to be a lightning storm, you should immediately unplug any electronics that aren’t necessary. While most modern electronics have multiple safety features that protect them from surges, those features aren’t always perfect. Following a lightning strike, some of the electronics and appliances that are attached to the electrical system could be permanently destroyed.

Invest in an EMP Shield

The lightning itself can do quite a bit of damage, but that type of phenomenon will also result in a pulse of EMP energy. When the pulse makes its way through your home, it could end up damaging all types of electronic devices. With EMP protection, your electronics and electrical system will be preserved if lightning strikes your home or any nearby structures. EMP shields can usually be installed directly in a breaker box with nothing more than a handful of basic tools.

Use Voltage Suppressors

Another step that you might want to take is attaching voltage suppressors to some of your most sensitive devices. While EMP shields and surge protectors can be very effective, the voltage that runs through your home’s electrical system could still spike. If that occurs, then a voltage suppressor will minimize how much energy gets to computers, modems, and other fragile devices.

In addition to taking preventative measures to protect your home, you must also make sure that you have excellent insurance. With a comprehensive insurance policy, you should be able to repair your home and replace your damaged belongings immediately following a lightning storm or any other type of catastrophic event.