4 Signs Your Car’s Transmission Needs Repair

Your car’s transmission is one of the key components that’s needed for your vehicle to operate. The transmission is responsible for changing gears while driving and helps with engine functioning, and a malfunctioning transmission could make your vehicle impossible to drive if the problem isn’t fixed. Here are four signs that you should be aware of that indicate your car’s transmission needs repair work.

4 Signs Your Car's Transmission Needs Repair

Unusual Sounds

Damaged transmissions often make unusual sounds that can alert drivers to take fast action to resolve the problem. Whining and buzzing sounds are among the most common noises from a failing transmission. You may also notice a clunking sound when changing gears. Any noises that are heard when your car is in neutral gear could also indicate that your transmission needs repairing or replacing. Even though these sounds often signify a failing transmission, they could mean that something else is wrong with your vehicle that should be investigated.

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Fluid Leaks

The fluid that’s needed to make your transmission run smoothly could start leaking. If you notice red fluid that has dripped onto the pavement from where your car is parked, it’s best to visit a transmission shop as soon as possible to have the problem fixed. However, it should be noted that a transmission fluid leak doesn’t always mean that your transmission is going bad and could instead indicate another problem with a different part of your vehicle.

Roughness While Shifting Gears

When changing gears, you shouldn’t notice any roughness while doing so. Any roughness that you feel could mean that your transmission needs attention from a mechanic. Gears and gear collars that aren’t working simultaneously with one another often cause this rough feeling. You could also be experiencing transmission problems if you notice a pushback sensation when changing gears. Grinding sensations or sounds should always be cause for concern.

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Burnt Odor

If you notice an odor that smells like something is burning while you’re driving, you should look into whether it’s coming from your transmission. Fluid leaks from the transmission can often cause this burning smell when the fluid ends up on parts of your car that heat up while you drive. The smell may be stronger inside your vehicle.

Getting to the root of your transmission woes can help your vehicle last longer. Making yourself aware of trouble signs and taking your car to a mechanic if you notice any of them can prevent more serious problems from occurring in the future.