4 Things Around The House to Work On During The Winter Months

The winter months are usually spent inside your home. The cold weather and snow in Illinois make it nearly impossible to enjoy the outdoors. However, it is a good time to get busy around your house. Here are four jobs that should be tackled so that you save money and keep your home in top condition.

4 Things Around The House to Work On During The Winter Months

Seal Any and All Cracks

As the cold winter months set in, your thermostat dial will likely need to be turned up. It is a good time to take measures to make your home a bit more energy-efficient. Caulk around your windows and doors to block any places where heat can escape. Also, add insulation to your attic. All these measures will help your house hold the heat longer so that you don’t have to spend money on exorbitant utility bills. There are many simple things you can do to ensure that your home is well insulated and ready for the cold winter months. There is always time to investigate these and to get them done around the house. Start by sealing any and all cracks and move on from there.

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Insulate Your Pipes

When outside temperatures drop, you risk having your pipes burst. Standing water within your pipes expands, especially when temperatures drop below freezing. To avoid any damage, it is smart to insulate the outside of your pipes. Besides preventing costly damage, it saves energy and lowers your heating bills. You definitely do not want to deal with a burst pipe, it is simply no fun whatsoever. It can also be costly too. Be sure to take the time to insulate your pipes.

Air Conditioning Repair

Although you probably won’t be running your AC unit in the winter, it is essential to have it serviced and repaired when you shut it down for the season. Maintenance may include checking and repairing leaks, recharging the refrigerant, inspecting the fan blower, replacing broken belts, and testing the thermostat. A trained professional who knows air conditioning repair will know exactly how to keep your unit working properly so that it is ready for spring. Also, it is essential to cover the exterior part of your air conditioner so that leaves and other debris do not accumulate on its coils.

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Clean Your Chimney

If your home has a chimney, it should be cleaned before the dark days of winter. A chimney sweep removes pests and other obstacles that can cause a blockage or a fire. When your chimney is clean, the efficiency of your heating source is improved as well. This lowers your heating costs and is better for the environment. As fire burns efficiently, less smoke and harmful emissions are produced. If you have a gas fireplace, then there is no need to do this. Gas fireplaces require far less maintenance than a traditional wood burning fireplace.

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There are many tasks that can keep you busy during the winter months. The above ideas will help you lower your utility costs and maintain a comfortable environment within your home.